What states require a title to be notarized?


Most states require notarizing a car’s title, which usually works as a title certificate. But even if the law is lenient and doesn’t mandate notarizing a car title, you probably should get it notarized.

And that’s because a vehicle title is a valuable piece of document that you sign at the time of selling or buying a vehicle. Most people still opt for a notarized title if their state doesn’t require it.

What is a car title?

When you buy a new car – you have to take care of essential documents like a car title. It is a legal document that affirms you’re the legal owner of your car. People often spend a significant chunk of money on a new car and overlook a vehicle’s title, which makes them at risk of losing the car.  

So, if there is confusion or dispute about who has the legal right to use or own the car, the title document can address such concerns. It makes all the more reason to have a notarized vehicle title to ensure it legally and rightfully belongs to you.  

Typically, a car title includes weight class, owner’s name, odometer reading during the sale, vehicle’s identification number, etc. It also includes title assignment with the seller and buyer’s names, date of sale, signatures, and full addresses.

Why is it important to notarize a car title? 

Car title notarization affirms the identity of the seller and the buyer. It also ensures both parties are aware of the document’s contents and have voluntarily signed it of their own free will. After signing, vehicle title notarization protects the buyer and the seller.

Does your car title need to be notarized?

It comes down to your state whether or not it warrants a notarized car title. Some states require a public notary to witness the signing process at the time of title transfer. On the other hand, some states don’t make it a legal requirement.

What states require a title to be notarized?

You don’t have to worry about every state mandating vehicle title notarization prior to sale. Before signing, get in touch with your local DMV and reference your state’s laws and find out whether or not it legally requires title notarization.

When both the buyer and the seller needs to sign

Ohio mandates both the seller and the buyer to sign the notarized title.

Here are the states that require car title notarization by law:

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How to get a title notarized?

You can notarize your vehicle title in a few simple steps through the PandaDoc Notary platform:

Step #1 

Start your 14-day free trial. Inside PandaDoc Notary, click “New request.” Upload your vehicle title (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, JPG, or PNG).

Step #2

A commissioned notary will be assigned to your session. You can add more participants by inserting their email addresses. They will receive an email to join the session.

Step #3

Prepare your vehicle title for notarization. Add all the required text, date, and signature fields. If a notary prepares the documents for you, you can skip this step.

Step #4

Send an email to the notary and participants providing context about the vehicle title and notarization session.

Step #5

Sign and download the notarized vehicle title document and submit it to the relevant parties. 

Where to get the title notarized?

Like many car owners, you may have even wondered, like do you need a notary to sell your car? Like when you notarize an affidavit, car title notarization is also essential. So, like the notarization of most legal documents, you can notarize your vehicle title by hiring a public notary or getting an online public notary service.

Traditional car title notarized

The traditional approach is to pay an in-person visit to a public notary’s office, UPS facility, or AAA store. But unlike online notarization, the traditional notarization process takes a lot of time. Ideally, you can opt for a mobile notary to take care of your vehicle title notarization at a low typical fee.

Notarize a title with PandaDoc Notary

You can use the PandaDoc Notary platform to notarize your vehicle title in a short period. Once you schedule an appointment and find an online notary agent – you’d be surprised how fast you can complete the notarization process.

On the PandaDoc Notary platform, you can communicate with an online notary agent. It is the best way to make the notarization process highly secure, efficient, and reliable. The PandaDoc Notary platform also allows users to tap into numerous features to accelerate their entire notarization process.

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Final thoughts

In more than one state – you’ll have to notarize the car title to ensure it is legit. So, before you finalize a car purchase, find out the local state requirements and laws applicable to you. If your state doesn’t mandate the notarization of a vehicle title, it is still a good idea to notarize the vehicle title.


How to notarize a title without the buyer?

In case the buyer is not available at the time of notarization, you can get a mobile notary or avail online notary services for a remote online notarization process. Also, take into account the expiry of the notarized document.

Do both parties have to be present for title notarization?

Both the seller and the buyer don’t have to be present in person during notarization. With remote notarization, a notary agent can take care of the signing through a video conference solution. Some states require only the seller needs to be present during the signing.

What is needed to notarize a title?

Wondering what documents need to be notarized? For starters, you’ll need proper identification like a driver’s license to notarize your car title. Some states may require you to keep multiple documents for vehicle title notarization. So, at the time of virtual or in-person signing, ensure you have all the required documents mandated by the law.

Who can notarize a title?

A public notary or a lawyer can notarize a vehicle title. You can submit your original identification to the online public notary agent and a copy of the car title to get it certified and notarized.