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Remote online notary in Colorado 

If you are looking to get a real estate or financial document notarized in Colorado, you will be happy to know that online notary services are available for all Colorado residents and companies to get their notarization needs met conveniently and quickly anywhere in the State of Colorado. Online notary service in Colorado is ideal for notarizing mortgage documents and real estate contracts. 

Remote online notarization (RON) in Colorado is a form of notarization performed fully online using audio-visual technology and convenient electronic forms. The process is simple and different from traditional notarization services, where a document signer appears in person before a notary public to complete a signature.

Colorado permits the use of RON services. It was declared legal on December 31, 2020. Senate Bill 20-096 in Denver, CO, legalized the practice because of the simplicity and effectiveness of RON’s document notarization services.  

In this guide, we break down everything you need to know about using a remote online notary in Colorado to start notarizing your documents online immediately using PandaDoc Notary.

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How does PandaDoc Notary work?

Online notarization in Colorado allows notaries and document signers to perform a notarial act within minutes from wherever they are located. With a remote online notary in Colorado, you have the flexibility and convenience of getting a document, such as a will, notarized from your home and saving time.

With PandaDoc Notary, there is no need to coordinate a time and place to meet with a notary. PandaDoc Notary is valuable as it offers the convenience and simplicity of an easy-to-use and secure RON platform. This means that you can create, eSign, edit, and notarize documents, such as affidavits, at your own convenience.

Online notarization using PandaDoc Notary makes it simpler and quicker than ever to appear before a Colorado virtual notary. Instead of scheduling a place and time to meet with a conventional or mobile notary in advance, the notary and document signers can be in different locations. 

PandaDoc Notary is a comprehensive and secure platform that makes it simpler than ever to sign and notarize legal and financial documents, such as affidavits and power of attorney. And there is no need to spend time and money enlisting walk-in services or expensive mobile notaries.

Virtual notarization is very secure and efficient if you work with a reliable service such as PandaDoc Notary that is invested in your protection. Although an online notary in Colorado is required to carry out their duties and responsibilities within the state boundaries, signers can appear for the notarial act from anywhere in the world.

By allowing notaries and signers to appear through video conference for a notarization, PandaDoc Notary makes appearing safer, faster, and simpler than traditional notarization. Reach out right now and set an appointment for your remote online notarization with Panda Doc.

How does online notary work in Colorado?

If you have a document or form that you want to get notarized online in Denver, Colorado, there are some things you need to do. First, it is important to find someone who can help you. In 2020, Colorado became the 26th state in the US to sign Remote Online Notarization legislation into law.

The crucial law reshapes how notarial acts, such as taking an oath, can be executed in the state of Colorado, allowing the use of technology to perform a notarial act when the document signer isn’t in the same location or state as the notary public.

A remote online notary in Colorado can help and save you time. During the session, your notary will explain what needs to happen for your documents or forms to be properly notarized. During an online notarization session, an online notary in Colorado will walk you through several steps. Also, the notary is responsible for ensuring that you are who you claim you are.

And your notary public will also ensure that you are signing the legal or financial document of your own free will. With PandaDoc Notary, notaries can electronically notarize a document or multiple documents without using a rubber stamp or paper. If you’ve any questions or queries about filling out the document, the online notary will help you. Your online notary in Colorado will make sure that you’ve completed the document or form appropriately before the end of the session.

Finally, the online notary will notarize the documents. They will attach an electronic seal and a digital certificate with their electronic signature.


Is online notarization legal in Colorado?

Yes. All notaries who can practice online may perform online notarization in Colorado. In Colorado, Remote Online Notarization (RON) law became effective on December 31, 2020. Keep in mind that Senate Bill 20-096 legalized this practice after many notaries in Colorado had spent the preceding two years offering RON services under temporary authorization because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How much can an online notary charge in Colorado?

In most cases, notary fees are determined and set by the state. In Colorado, the maximum fee a notary can charge for notarizing a form or document is $10. Colorado Secretary of State allows online notaries to charge up to $10 for the notary’s electronic signature in compliance with CRS 24-21-529(2).

How to notarize a document in Colorado?

To have a document, such as a will, notarized in Colorado, there are some steps you’ll have to follow in order to ensure the notarization is legal and valid. You should get in touch with your county recorder to guarantee that they accept and acknowledge electronically signed and notarized documents.

The notary has to identify the remote signer of the document. The signer has to verify their credentials and prove their identity using a valid photo ID. After verifying their identity, the notary public will witness the singer execute the document or form through secure audio-visual technology.

Using an online notary is cheaper and quicker than using conventional notary services in Colorado. It also offers a greater level of security and safety against fraud protection.

After the remote document signer has executed the financial or legal document, it is electronically transmitted to the notary for officiating.  The online notary will stamp and notarize the transmitted document.

What are the Colorado notarization requirements?

Besides obtaining a traditional notary commission, a notary has to take a specialized and dedicated remote notarization training course. Remote notarization can be completed by electronic signature. Also, the notary public must be physically present in Colorado at the time of the notarization. However, the principal or signer can be out of state.

To prevent the risk of fraud and maintain a notarization’s validity online, remote online notaries in Colorado will have to contract with an approved RON tech provider.

Note that before meeting with the notary public using audio-visual technology, document signers have to go through an identity verification process, including passing through a vigorous knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and having all their documents and statements analyzed for fraud. The notary public will then confirm the signer’s identity thrice when they meet remotely for the signing.

What are the notary laws in Colorado?

The state of Colorado also requires that official notaries use one of their secure approved platforms in order to perform the notarial act. The Colorado Secretary of State also requires that online notaries disclose to document signers that the notarization act will be both recorded and saved. During the act, the notary has to recite the following information:

– Their full name.

– The time and date that the notarization takes place.

– A complete description of the notarization act.

– The full names of the signers, and any witnesses, and

– The method through which the notary public has verified the document signer’s identity.

What are the Colorado notary laws?

According to Colorado notary laws, the signers of the document don’t have to be physically present within the boundaries of Colorado at the time of online notarization. However, the notary must be physically located in Colorado.

Whether performing an electronic or traditional notarization, the new regulations and laws require the notary public to get satisfactory evidence of the document signer’s identity. Like a traditional notarization, the notary public can obtain satisfactory evidence through several means, such as personal knowledge, an affirmation, or an oath.

If I notarize a document in Colorado, will it be recognized by other states?

Yes. Online notarial acts completed in Colorado will usually be recognized by other US states, including those states that have not yet adopted remote online notarization law.

Do I have to be in Colorado to use PandaDoc Notary services?

You can conveniently and easily access any of PandaDoc Notary’s features and tools from wherever you are located and you don’t have to be in Colorado to use PandaDoc Notary services. An online notary in Colorado is allowed to notarize documents and forms on behalf of the US state of Colorado.

What types of notarizations are permitted online in Colorado?

RONs in Colorado can notarize any documents and forms that are usually permitted under Colorado’s Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts. And these notarial acts include:

  • Taking Acknowledgments
  • Taking verification on an affirmation or oath

Why using an online notary is a much better option for Colorado residents than using a traditional notary public in person?

An online notary in Colorado can handle your notarization right from their office, and you may stay right at your home or in your office. When you need quick and secure notarization of any legal document or contract in Colorado, use PandaDoc Notary to save time.

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