PandaDoc Notary has all the features you need


Connect with an on-demand online notary

Need to notarize a document for your business? Our state-commissioned notaries are ready to complete online notarizations within minutes. Fast, easy, secure, and legally binding.

Let AI detect and place signature fields for you

Forget about the hassle of manually creating fields on your PDFs. Just upload files and click “Place fields.” AI will do all the repetitive work for you.


Never too late to edit your documents

Edit your documents while in a live session. Add text or fields, and make all the corrections you need without leaving the session to prepare them all over again.

secure id verification x

Eliminate risks with secure ID verification

Reduce fraud with secure ID verification that adheres to state standards. KBA questions and ID credential validation are included in every notarial transaction.

electronic journaling x

Enjoy electronic journaling with 5 hours of recording time

Trace every notarial transaction with 5 hours of audio-visual session recordings and cloud-based electronic storage.

scheduling x

Schedule your notary sessions ahead of time to work more efficiently

Set reminder emails to prevent no-shows, book based on the signer’s timezone, and list all the upcoming appointments to keep track of your schedule.

notarize multiple documents x

Do it all in one session

Upload and notarize multiple documents in the same session without worrying about extra charges per document.

mobile esign experience x

Go mobile

Users can join on mobile or tablet, confirm their ID, and sign the document. Why sit in front of a computer when you can have a fully optimized mobile experience?

unlimited esignatures x

Send unlimited documents for eSignature

Leverage the power of PandaDoc to send as many documents as you wish for eSignature. No caps or extra fees apply.

X certificates x

Ensure state compliance

Ensure documents are state compliant and tamper-proof with X509 signing certificates free of charge.

bring your own notary x

Bring your own notary

Bring your own notary staff to complete remote online notarizations and closings.

Available for companies with in-house notaries that meet requirements for the states where PandaDoc Notary is available.

multiple signers x

Invite multiple signers from anywhere they are

Invite multiple signers to one document at the same time with the click of a button. Signers can join from any location.

reuse templates x

Reuse templates to save time

Save time drafting documents from scratch. Create, edit, and store templates for notarization.

Includes all the great features of
PandaDoc Enterprise

Top PandaDoc features Enterprise
Legally binding eSignatures unlimited
Activity tracking and notifications
Mobile App
Audit trail and document analytics
Public and custom templates
Rich media drag and drop document editor
Custom branding
Content library
Content locking
Approval workflows
Forms $
Bulk send $
CRM and Zapier integrations
Salesforce integration
Unlimited number of team workspaces
Single sign-on (SSO) support
Custom user roles

Questions? We have answers

Is online notarization secure?

Our priority is the safety and security of your information. We use world-class security, with all audio and video recordings encrypted at REST. Stored documents are encrypted and stored via AWS. In addition, we use the latest 256-bit SSL when processing all stored information.

How do I access the recordings and documentation of notarizations?

PandaDoc Notary uses secure cloud-based storage to keep the audiovisual recordings, electronic journals, and notarized documents. These documents and files are available to you for viewing and downloading at your convenience.

What are the acceptable forms of ID that I can use?

The legal requirements of notarizations vary state-to-state and sometimes different types of notarizations have different standards for acceptable ID. It’s important to know the legal specifics of your state and the transaction requirements of identification. In general, the following forms of identification are acceptable as long as they are valid and unexpired: State-issued driver’s license or photo ID, Military ID, The U.S. or Foreign Passport, Certificate of citizenship, naturalization, or alien registration.

How does PandaDoc Notary verify the identity of signers?

PandaDoc Notary uses two-point identification which incorporates knowledge-based identification with live credential evaluation. Knowledge-based identification (KBA) uses specific questions to verify the signer’s identity, and credential verification uses visual and electronic analysis of the signer’s ID to confirm their identity.

What if I have multiple signers?

PandaDoc Notary allows multiple signers to collaborate together on the same document.

I employ a notary in my business, do I need to use notaries on the PandaDoc Notary network?

PandaDoc Notary allows in-house notaries that you employ to use the platform.