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Remote online notary in Kentucky 

An online notary is an increasingly popular option for notarization in Kentucky. Online notarial acts are just as popular as the traditional ones used to notarize documents. However, with remote online notarization (RON), individuals with notarizing needs have more options.

The Secretary of State in Kentucky allows the method, providing it with legal status. However, for notarization, you need signers, a notary public for witnessing the process, and some other requirements.

You may also require an electronic signature for the remote registrations. However, the notary public can provide a digital certificate for the electronic documents after a credential analysis.

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An online notary is a popular option for electronic notarization that you can use for legal advice and notarization in KN. You should check the availability of an e-notary in your specific county and verify the details with a county clerk before advancing.

These methods are viable for document verification in the state of Kentucky. You can use them to notarize your real estate documents or the paper for a driver’s license.

How does PandaDoc Notary work?

PandaDoc Notary is one of the most popular methods for easy identity verification and completing the process with an electronic seal. It is a popular option for the residents of Montana and Kentucky alike. With mobile notary

The RON uses the ease of electronic signatures if you don’t wish to go for a traditional notary service provider. It is easy to get notarized documents in a shorter period using this approach.

It is the simplest way to save costs on travel and in-person interactions. You can enjoy the services or let the mobile notaries do the work. Moreover, knowledge-based authentication (KBA) also ensures the authentication of the process.

How does online notary work in Kentucky?

While e-signatures are a necessary part of the notary process in Kentucky-it’s not all that counts. The notary laws in Kentucky are according to Senate Bill 114, which removes the option of using personal knowledge in the process.

The PandaDoc Notary is one stop solution that lets individuals and businesses enjoy easy notarization services problem free. While there’s a variety of other services, PandaDoc is the best. It lets the signers appear anywhere worldwide and provide e-signatures for document notarization. It is all possible thanks to the various methods for identity proofing.

A professional working in the notary business can notarize the documents, which simplifies the RON process. The signers have higher flexibility, making it the only solution needed.

In the process, the state-commissioned notary uses a two-way visual-audio connection to communicate with the signers. They can fulfill the notary transactions via a remote online notarization platform like PandaDoc Notary. The process for notarization is the same as traditional notarization procedures.

When it comes to the remote online notary in Kentucky, notarization charges and application fees are the two main payments you have to pay first. Any additional notarial acts may have a dedicated fee for them as well. The notary public then performs the credential analysis and identity verification to complete the process.


Is online notarization legal in Kentucky?

Yes, According to Senate Bill 114, online notarization of documents is legal in Kentucky. The bill was implemented on Jan 1st, 2020.

How much can an online notary charge in Kentucky?

The cost of jurat and acknowledgment can be as high as $5, but that’s not all. The fee for other notarial acts may differ on individual requirements.

What are the Kentucky notarization requirements?

The Kentucky notarization requires a professional to complete the process. However, the requirements for the process and the prices may vary for each state. For starters, the notary public should be of 18 years of age, and they should be in Kentucky while notarizing documents for the same location.

They can use the notary stamp to notarize the documents. They will also require identity proofing and document authentication before completing the process.

What are the Kentucky notary laws?

The notary laws for Kentucky residents are slightly different from the ones in the rest of the U.S. For starters, Kentucky notary laws require the signers and the notary public to be present.

You also require the notary public to witness the procedure and fulfill any legal documentation missing. You can learn more about these laws for special commissions here.

How to notarize a document in Kentucky?

You can go for a traditional notarization or an online one for document notarization in Kentucky. In the online one, a virtual notary can use video conferences to create an electronic record for the notarization. You can visit the notary professionals and get more info from them directly.

If I notarize a document in Kentucky, will it be recognized by other states?

Documents notarized in Kentucky are still recognized in other states because the notary public jurisdiction may extend to bordering states.

Why using an online notary is a much better option for Kentucky residents than using a traditional notary public in person?

Online notary services are a much more viable option for Kentucky residents because they remove the need for a traditional notary public in person. It saves time and travel costs and offers higher mental peace for notarizing documents. It is perfect for individuals with notarizing needs that aren’t sure about what to do. We recommend trying it yourself before relying upon a service.

Do I have to be in Kentucky to use PandaDoc Notary services?

No, you do not have to be in Kentucky to use PandaDoc notary services for your notarization needs. It provides complete control and scalability through different locations.

What types of notarizations are permitted online in Kentucky?

There is a variety of different notarizations allowed online for Kentucky residents. These include:

  • Acknowledgments: The acknowledgment is the acceptance that the documents have been notarized by will.
  • Affirmation Oath: The notary public can be a witness and affirm the information and contents of the notary documents are true.
  • Witnessing signaturesA notary can verify the signer’s and witness’s documents.
  • Noting a protest: Noting a dishonored note used in the transaction and is under protest.
  • Certifying or attesting a copy of a record: The notary can attest to the copy of the document being used in the process.

Approved RON vendors in Kentucky

Notary technology providers are required to register with the Office of the Secretary of State prior to providing notary technology in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. pursuant to 30 KAR 8:005

LiveNotary, LLC
NotaryCam, Inc.
DocVerify, Inc.
PerfectDocs, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.
Notarize Inc.
Guardian Consumer Services, dba PAVASO, INC
Nexsys Technologies LLC/Clear Sign
Digital Delivery, Inc.
eNotaryLog, LLC
SIGNiX, Inc.
E-Notary Seal, LLC
DocuSign, Inc. – eSignature
DocuSign, Inc – Notary
Stavvy, Inc.
Cyberize It, LLC
Secured Signing
Blend Labs, Inc.



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