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Remote online notary in Ohio 

The notarization of important documents is vital to increase their authenticity and validity. Usually, you have to find a commissioned notary public so they can conduct the transaction.

This means going to an Ohio notary with whom you must schedule a meeting and travel to their location. But Remote Online Notarization (RON) saves you from the hassle usually involved with a traditional notary. You can get your documents notarized from the convenience of your home.

So, how can you find a remote online notary in Ohio? We’ll cover this and much more in this guide to help you notarize the documents through the PandaDoc notary.

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How does PandaDoc Notary work?

If you require notarization, you must look for a state-commissioned notary and schedule a meeting with them. However, that is no longer the case with online notarization services. These service providers will allow you to get an electronic signature from the signers without trouble.

Platforms like PandaDoc Notary allow you to use RON to create, change, sign electronically and notarize the documents at your convenience. This platform is a one-stop solution that allows you to sign and notarize documents. Most importantly, it saves you from spending extra time and money on walk-in services or mobile notaries.

Furthermore, electronic notarization is relatively safer and more secure due to the new technological advancements. The Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) process protects your information throughout the process, making it safer than in-person notarizations.

How does online notary work in Ohio?

If you want to leverage the opportunity of an Ohio remote online notary, then there are some things that you need to comply with. It will ensure the complete notarization process is valid.

The virtual notary can carry out the RON transactions entirely online by asking the signers to electronically sign the document. The notary needs audio-visual technology, such as a webcam, recording device, etc., for the Ohio notary services.

The process differs from the standard notarization services since the signers don’t have to appear in person. Verifying the signer’s identity through credential analysis and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) system is the only thing necessary. Doing so will mitigate the chances of possible fraud.

When we take about online notarization, the key aspect of it is that the notary and the signers go through the process in just a few minutes. Also, it doesn’t make it necessary for the signer to have an in-person presence when signing the document.

Furthermore, the expiration date for the non-attorney commissions is around five years. So it can be easily accessible to all parties for the next five years.

Lastly, the electronic seal and notarial certificate that the Ohio remote online notary will provide will ensure that the electronic document is sealed with a tamper-proof code. This makes the entire notarization process easy, thanks to the remote online notary in Ohio.


Is online notarization legal in Ohio?

Yes, online notarization is legal in Ohio. According to the Ohio Secretary of State, the notary public with an active commission is authorized to perform electronic notarizations. It is a notarial act that the Ohio notary public performs by signing the document electronically and adding the electronic seal.

How much can an online notary charge in Ohio?

As a notary public Ohio, you can charge a fee of around $25 for online notarization. In addition, they also may charge around $5 per act for any notarial act. One thing to note is that the fees will be charged as per the notarial act, not as per signatures.

How to notarize a document in Ohio?

You first need to review the I.D.s and look for possible irregularities in the document. Next, review the document’s intent since the Ohio notarization on documents mandates the notary public to confirm that the signer is aware of the document. Next, the notary public will check the signatures and verify the signers’ identities. Once this process is complete, you can get the notarized documents.

What are the Ohio notarization requirements?

The R.C. 147.141(A)(13) states that the notary public will not notarize any sign if the document has incomplete or missing information. If they don’t comply with the requirements, it may lead to the revocation of the notary’s public commission.

What are the notary laws in Ohio?

As per the state laws, the person notarizing the document should present themselves in front of the notary public along with two signers who verify the information is authentic and current.

The signers will have to sign the documents in front of a notary public, after which they will complete the notarial certificate by adding the following:

  • Their signs
  • Venue
  • Date
  • A notarial act that Took Place
  • Notary Seal
  • And other relevant information, if necessary

If I notarize a document in Ohio, will it be recognized by other states?

Yes, notarizing the document in Ohio means that all 50 states will recognize it, whether you choose the traditional or the RON services for notarization. Even states that haven’t accepted the permanent or temporary RON laws will accept the notarized documents.

Though certain details may vary according to the other state’s guidelines, designated precedents clearly show that notarial acts that adhere to the applicable state RON law are legal recognition and validity across state lines.

Do I have to be in Ohio to use PandaDoc Notary services?

The best thing about the PandaDoc Notary platform is that you can use it anywhere. With the robust security features, your information remains safe, allowing your document signers to sign the document even if they are not in Ohio.

Why do the residents of Ohio prefer the option for an online notary instead of going to a traditional notary public in person?

The flexibility and ease you can get from a RON make it preferable to the traditional walk-in or mobile notary. It allows you to get your documents notarized without issues in just a few minutes. Plus, you signers can sign the document without being in Ohio.

What types of notarizations are permitted online in Ohio?

The remote online notaries in Ohio can perform certain kinds of notarial acts, such as:

  • Verifying on an oath or affirmation: The notary public can be a witness of an oath or affirmation that the information in the document is true.
  • Accepting acknowledgments: The acknowledgment given by the signer to the notary that they have signed the document without any pressure.
  • Performing a juratValidations and proofs affirming the documents’ integrity
  • Authenticating documents: The witness’ declaration that they have signed the document while abiding by all the legal guidelines.

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