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Remote online notary in Arkansas 

Are you looking to get your document notarized in Arkansas? If yes, then Remote Online Notarization (RON) is now the best way to get your documents notarized, such as a will or driver’s license.

Electronic notarization is now permissible in many states, including Arkansas, with a remote online notary in Arkansas. As a result, you now have the flexibility and the convenience to get your document notarized from anywhere.

We’ll break down how to use PandaDoc Notary for the online notary services in Arkansas so you can take advantage of RON.

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How does PandaDoc Notary work?

One of the biggest issues many people face is meeting an Arkansas notary public and bringing the signers to a specific location for the signing process.

However, that is no longer the case since you can use the PandaDoc Notary online notary services. It saves you from the hassle that you have to go through for a traditional notary. Not just that, but it is also less costly than a mobile notary.

With PandaDoc Notary, you can find remote notaries that will help you quickly navigate the notarization process. Furthermore, remote notarization is a relatively safer and more secure option for getting your documents notarized.

How does online notary work in Arkansas?

The notary public and signer meet through audio-visual technology. The e-notary will ensure that the signer is signing the document willingly. Furthermore, the need to get a government-issued ID for identity proofing and credential analysis.

Once this part is complete, the notary will review the entire document and look for any omissions. Next, they’ll complete the notarial certificate and attach the electronic notary seal along with their electronic signature.

Arkansas allows the commissioned notaries to complete electronic notarizations only. The PandaDoc Notary services allow the notaries to electronically notarize single or multiple documents without a rubber stamp or paper.


Is online notarization legal in Arkansas?

Yes. RON services in Arkansas are legal from April 2021. Senate Bill 340 allows online notaries to get notarized documents online. However, online notaries must have a traditional notary and pass the RON notary training course and exam. Moreover, they will also have to apply for an online notary commission with the Arkansas Secretary of State.

How much can an online notary charge in Arkansas?

There is no limit to the pricing set by the Arkansas Secretary of State for online notary services. However, the notary has to decide on the fees beforehand for the notarial acts or the legal advice they give to comply with the state requirements.

How to notarize a document in Arkansas?

The first thing the online notary will do is verify the signer’s identity. They will have to provide a valid photo ID to the online notary. After that, the notary public will witness the signers execute the sign through audio-visual technology.

Once the document signer executes their sign, the notary will send the financial or legal document to the notary for officiating. They will also include their notary stamp and complete the notarization process.

One thing to keep in mind is that the electronic notarial process in Arkansas doesn’t need a transfer of paper-based records. Besides that, there is also no need for ink signatures since the document is signed electronically.

What are the Arkansas notarization requirements?

The Arkansas laws describe the ROB as an act of performing a different notarial act, like taking an acknowledgment, through audio-video technology. During the notarization process, the signers and the principal of the document don’t have to be physically present in front of the notary public.

However, the notary needs to register with the Secretary of State’s office before performing any electronic notarization. The signers can also execute an electronic signature without being in the same state for the notarization.

While the notary public will perform the notarial act online, they must be present in Arkansas. The principal also needs to communicate with a notary in real-time during the notarization process.

What are the Arkansas notary laws?

Whether the notary public is performing remote or traditional notarization, they would have to get satisfactory proof to verify the signer’s identity as per the Arkansas notary law.

There are different ways that the notary public can get satisfactory evidence through various means, like personal knowledge, oath, etc. Furthermore, there are also some additional requirements that the notary public has to comply with, like:

  • Notaries should refrain from performing a notarial act where they have a direct or financial interest in any transaction
  • Get proof of the signer’s identity through the ways authorized by the laws and regulations

What types of notarizations are permitted online in Arkansas?

The online notary in Arkansas can perform the following notarial acts:

  • Receiving verification for an affirmation or oath: The notary will verify an oath or affirmation that the information in the documents is authentic.
  • Authorizing or certifying a copy of a record: The notary public attests that a document’s copy is authentic and accurate.
  • Taking acknowledgments: The notary will receive an acknowledgment from the signer that they are signing the document willingly.
  • Witnessing signatures: The notary will appear to verify the document signer’s identity and witness the signing.

If I notarize a document in Arkansas, will it be recognized by other states?

Yes, all the online notarial acts that the notary performs in Arkansas will be recognized by various states, including North Carolina, Minnesota, Michigan, Kentucky, etc.

Do I have to be in Arkansas to use PandaDoc Notary services?

PandaDoc Notary is an online platform, meaning you can be outside Arkansas and still use its services. You can benefit from the hassle-free process of the RON through the online PandaDoc notary.

Why using an online notary is a much better option for Arkansas residents than using a traditional notary public in person?

The traditional notarization process required appearing in person before the notary public. You had to schedule a meeting with them to complete the process. However, that is no longer the case since you can now schedule an online meeting with the notary and complete the process quickly. The RON helps you save time and money by allowing you to get your documents notarized from the comfort of your home.