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Notarizing your documents is vital since it can increase their authenticity. Whether these are real estate documents or your will, you need to take the notary services to ensure there are no issues. While the notarization process is usually done face-to-face, this has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can now take advantage of remote online notarization in Louisiana.

You can get your documents notarized without hassle with a reliable service provider like PandaDoc Notary. Let’s learn more about the Louisiana notary service in this article.

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How does PandaDoc Notary work?

The best thing about PandaDoc notary is that it allows you to notarize documents without hassle. You can create, make changes, and sign the documents online all in one place.

Unlike the conventional notarization forms like mobile notaries, RON (remote online notarization) saves you time and money. You don’t have to schedule a meeting with a notary since you can connect with a friendly state-commissioned notary through the PandaDoc platform.

The best thing about the PandaDoc Notary’s platform is its complete protection for your details and documents. Our remote online notary services make it easy to go through the electronic notarization of your documents.

Furthermore, the KBA (Knowledge-Based Authentication) process validates signers’ signatures and identities. It checks the electronic signature and other things to authenticate notarized documents.

All these things make PandaDoc Notary the best RON platform. And if there is anything you need assistance with, our knowledge center can assist you by providing answers to your relevant questions.

How does online notary work in Louisiana?

When discussing online notarization, we have to consider the requirements of Louisiana law. So, following all the steps for the remote online notary in Louisiana is important. First, you must contact the county recorder and ask them if they accept electronically notarized documents with electronic signatures.

Next, you can use the PandaDoc notary online platform to reuse the templates, make relevant changes, add affidavits, and use multiple digital documents. However, it is important to understand that the notarization process goes way beyond the software from the technology provider.

The RON process makes it necessary for you to go through a three-step identification process, including checking the signer’s identity, remote presentation, and credential analysis.

E-notary journal

In order to comply with the laws set by the state of Louisiana, the service provider also has to give the electronic journals. Additionally, electronic journals and other documents should be stored to easily access them.

Key requirements for Louisiana online notary

The online notary in Louisiana must comply with the laws set by the Louisiana state and perform their roles within the boundary. However, the signers can be available for online notarization anywhere.

As a result, it makes the process of notarizing documents online easy. RON makes things easy and safe to notarize documents than traditional in-person notarization.  


Is online notarization legal in Louisiana?

Yes, Louisiana does all online notarization after the state government passed the bill in February 2022. All states, even those that don’t have RON laws, will recognize the notarial acts you perform in Louisiana. Though a few things may differ from state to state, the established precedents are clear that all notarial act that complies with state RON law will be valid. Furthermore, notaries in Louisiana can notarize documents online pursuant to La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§ 35:621 et seq.

How much can an online notary charge in Louisiana?

The commission fee that a notary can charge in Louisiana is $25. However, you might have to pay additional charges for different services, such as name change will cost you $35.

How to notarize a document in Louisiana?

The first thing you need to do is upload all the relevant documents and then verify your identity. Next, you can connect with a live notary and complete the process to get your notarized documents. According to the Louisiana secretary of state, you can easily file notary documents online.

What are the Louisiana notarization requirements?

The online notary in Louisiana needs to stay within the boundaries set by the state laws and perform their roles within the boundary. Also, the state makes it necessary for remote online notaries to have an existing traditional notary public commission along with completing the training course and registering with the Secretary Of State.

What are the notary laws in Louisiana?

There are certain documents that you need to have for the notarization process in Louisiana, such as:

  • A device with the capability to record audio and videos
  • A valid government-issued photo ID
  • An SSN (U.S. social security number) for verifying the identities
  • An original unsigned document

If I notarize a document in Louisiana, will it be recognized by other states?

Yes, Louisiana accepts online notarizations that notaries perform with proper care for other states and vice versa as per the applicable laws of La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§ 35:5, 35:6, & 35:513.

Why is an online notary a much better option for Louisiana residents than a traditional notary public in person?

Though Louisiana doesn’t permit using RON currently, you can use an online notary for your documents. It is more flexible and convenient than the traditional walk-in or mobile notary.

Moreover, you can get the documents without any hassle in a short amount of time. Not just that, but the security features ensure your document is safe from any tampering or fraud.

Do I have to be in Louisiana to use PandaDoc Notary services?

PandaDoc Notary’s convenience and security make it easy for you to use the platform from any part of the world. It means that the document signers don’t have to be in Louisiana.

You can use the platform to access a range of notaries commissioned to notarize documents in their relevant states.

What types of notarizations are permitted online in Louisiana?

Currently, Remote online notarization is legal in Louisiana. Therefore, the notaries are not authorized to conduct any online notarial acts.

Approved RON providers in Louisiana

PandaDoc Notary
Cyberize It

In the state of Louisiana, it is the responsibility of the notary to verify the technology, qualifications, usability, and fees of any provider.



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