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Remote online notarization is legal in Alaska. Since the legalization, there are now many options for you to leverage different RON platforms and services. Notaries and people can now process online notarized documents through a dedicated platform like PandaDoc Notary with advanced security, safety, and satisfaction.

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RON in Alaska

The legalization of online notary services in Alaska was inevitable since it cut out the need for people to be physically present during the signing. On April 30, 2020, Alaska Lieutenant Governor signed Bill 124. This house bill made it legal for Alaskan notaries to authorize and validate documents through virtual notarization.

Since then, a lot of licensed notaries now offer remote Alaska notary services. In fact, finding an online notary in the state of Alaska has become easier. It looks like the remote online notary in Alaska will continue to thrive.

What Legalization of RON Mean for Alaska?

The legalization of remote online notarization, or RON, has paved the way for Alaskan notaries to provide instant online notary services in Alaska. There’s no rocket science behind RON – all it takes is a video conferencing app to connect the remote notary and the signer.

Digital signing via electronic signatures is straightforward. This style of notarization process is faster and executed entirely online by an online Alaska notary agent.

If you want a dedicated and professional remote online notarization in Alaska, look no further than the PandaDoc Notary platform. It is a secure, fast, affordable, transparent, reliable, and state-compliant platform to render remote online notarization services.

Let’s break down more details about online notary services in Alaska:

How does PandaDoc Notary work?

The remote online notarization space continues to evolve, and the PandaDoc Notary platform is leading the charge. It is a highly cost-effective and efficient platform for new and experienced folks to notarize documents online without all the traditional obstacles and limitations.  

In fact, the PandaDoc Notary platform is ten steps ahead of other notarizing platforms in simplifying the online notarization process for common people. It all starts with scheduling an appointment on the platform to get in touch with an online notary agent via a video conferencing solution.

In no time, you’ll be able to communicate with an online notary agent who can guide you through every step of the online notarization process. From the perspective of businesses and individuals, PandaDoc Notary is a compact platform to notarize different types of documents online.

After notarizing one document, you’ll get more familiar with the mechanics of using PandaDoc Notary and realize the easy process of notarizing documents remotely.

Learn more about PandaDoc Notary and get a demo right away to start notarizing documents remotely.

How does online notary work in Alaska?

In Alaska, RON services have to meet specific requirements to be valid. The fact is that online notarization has made it easier for notaries and people to notarize documents remotely and not appear in person at the time of signing.

Instead, now you can schedule an online call using an audio-visual conferencing built-in app to communicate and witness the signing. With remote online notarization, the signer and the notary can be in different parts of Alaska and still complete the notarization process.

However, online notarization in Alaska works only when the notaries are present in the state boundaries. However, the signer can pop up for online notarization from any part of the world. This gives the signers more flexibility to use a video conferencing program and notarize documents online with the help of appointed online notaries.

In Alaska, RON appears to be safer, easier, simpler, and faster than the conventional style of notarization. Alaska allows online notaries to perform a wide range of notarial acts remotely and supports people and businesses in making e-Signatures through a video conferencing tool.

Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, one of the points to remember is that Alaska requires licensed online notaries to notarize documents. During an online appointment with the online notary agent, allow the licensed online notary to verify and confirm your identity.

Once the signer’s identity and document information are reviewed, the public notary can digitally attach an online certificate along with an electronic signature. The online notary can also add a digital notary seal or stamp to the document. After that, you can download a digital copy of the document.


Is online notarization legal in Alaska?

Yes, after the passing of Bill 124, RON services have permanent legal status in Alaska. In terms of a notary commission, it allows licensed public notaries to dive into online notarization.

What types of notarizations are permitted online in Alaska?

Alaska allows individuals and businesses to notarize documents like verifying an oath and taking an acknowledgment.

How much can an online notary charge in Alaska?

When it comes to pricing, you may have to pay no more than $25 per notarial act rendered on an online notarization platform. But Alaska notary commission services are often adjusted and depend on how complex the economic elements and documents are.

How to notarize a document in Alaska?

Typically, the notary and the signer need to take a few basic steps to remotely notarize documents for validation and authentication. You can contact a local county recorder to find out if they deem online notarization and electronic signatures on documents acceptable.

What are the Alaska notarization requirements?

The truth is that notarizing documents remotely is easier than ever in Alaska. But to perform remote online notarization in Alaska, notaries have to follow specific measures and steps to ensure the validation of notarized documents. Commissioned notaries and signers have to abide by Alaska’s remote online notarization laws.

What are the notary laws in Alaska?

House Bill 124 is the major contemporary law that made remote online notarization legal for Alaskan notaries and individuals. Alaska Statute 44 – Chapter 50 is another remote online notarization law that validates online notary services.

If I notarize a document in Alaska, will it be recognized by other states?

Like states where RON has permanent legal status,  you can notarize a document in Alaska and expect it to be recognized by other states.

Do I have to be in Alaska to use PandaDoc Notary services?

The signers don’t have to be physically present or within state boundaries at the time of signing. However, commissioned online notaries to have to be within Alaskan state boundaries during the signing and validating of a document to complete the notarization process.

Why using an online notary is a much better option for Alaska residents than using a traditional notary public in person?

Online notarization using the PandaDoc Notary platform is more flexible, convenient, and straightforward than conventional notarization, which mandates the in-person presence of the signer and the Alaska notary public.

Remote online notarization is the future and offers more flexibility than old school notarization, which is time-consuming, requires in-person communication, and involves a lot of obstacles.

Approved RON vendors in Alaska

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You are responsible for making sure the provider you select meets the legal requirements to perform a remote online notarization (RON). You are not limited to selecting a provider on this list. A web search may bring up more vendors.



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