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Remote online notary in Tennessee 

Have you ever wanted to notarize documents in Tennessee but have little idea of how to do it? Traditional notarization has been the go-to option for residents in Tennessee for many years.

However, they now have the option to choose remote online notarization (RON) for their document certification needs. The process is straightforward and has gained more popularity in Tennessee in a brief period.

The main reason for the popularity is Tennessee has had an increased population in the past 11 years. More people need to get their documents like real estate papers, driver’s licenses, and affidavits verified professionally.

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The traditional methods for an online remote notary are quicker and can save the principal (individuals who need the document certification) from hours of waiting.

The process typically takes a few minutes and is a more viable option if you have a signer ready. The secretary of state has clear instructions for the notary requirements of an electronic document.

It’s why you can even reach out to professionals for legal advice if you get stuck somewhere. Moreover, the notary commission also has a set fee structure for the ones in Tennessee.

For instance, the notary public has to ensure identity verification and credential analysis according to the online notary public act.

Once the authentication is complete, they will process the application within a few minutes and provide principals with the final confirmation. Once you have completed everything listed for the commissioned notaries, you will receive the electronic notarial certificate shortly.

How does PandaDoc Notary work?

A virtual notary looking after the electronic notarization process is a more convenient alternative for individuals. It saves one from the hassle of traditional notarization with the best pricing.

The e-notary completes the process on behalf of the applicant and confirms their certification after identity proofing. The applicants can submit the online notary application to PandaDoc. It is one of the top-rated online notary services in Tennessee.

Just ensure you read the state requirements the Tennessee secretary of state sets. For instance, before the notary public uses the electronic seal, they need to use a webcam or other visual or audio device for two-way communication.

Once all the information listed is confirmed, you can easily complete the notarization process shortly enough. The Tennessee laws are slightly different than other states, which is why it; ’s necessary for applicants to learn about them.

How does online notary work in Tennessee?

The online notary work depends on the requirements set by state law. For starters, you need a notary public and signers to complete the electronic signature. The mobile notary services can walk you through the process and ensure you don’t commit mistakes. According to the legal requirements, the notary public must be at least 18. They must have a notary stamp to sign the document officially. The applicants can verify their documents in any state thanks to remote notary options. However, the notary public needs to be in the same state. We recommend following the guidelines set by the Secretary of State in Tennessee so that your application doesn’t get rejected in any way.


Is online notarization legal in Tennessee?

Yes, online notarization of documents is legal in Tennessee, according to the Secretary of the State. However, you must first meet all the legal requirements set in the Senate bill to avoid any disclaimers in the future. We also recommend discussing the details with a professional.

What are the Tennessee notary laws?

The Tennessee notary laws require the notary public to be 18 years old at least. The notary public should be physically present in Tennessee during the notarization, but the principal can be anywhere in the U.S. The notary public has to verify identities and cross-check all documents.

How much can an online notary charge in Tennessee?

The online notary charges in the state can be up to $25, depending on the final notarization type. However, there may be an additional $5 charge for some notarization types. It’s best to check the pricing details with the online notarization company of your choice.

How to notarize a document in Tennessee?

To notarize a document in the state, you must first meet all the requirements set by law. For starters, you need a notary public that’s 18 years old or older and can notarize the documents.

You also need signers for the electronic signature. The notary public will cross-check all submitted documents before using the notary seal. They may also reject the application if there’s an issue with ID verification or other documentation.

What are the Tennessee notarization requirements?

The Tennessee notarization requirements are clearly stated in the law. All applicants must fulfill all the requirements, get the e-signatures and then submit the documents where needed.

The requirements include having a notary public, ID proof, authentication, and other formal documents. Once all these requirements are complete, the notary public will allow your document notarization.

If I notarize a document in Tennessee, will it be recognized by other states?

Yes, documents notarized in Tennessee are recognized in other states because the notary public has jurisdiction there.

Do I have to be in Tennessee to use PandaDoc Notary services?

No, you don’t have to be in Tennessee physically to use the PandaDoc notary services. You can be anywhere around the U.S., but the notary has to be in the same state of registration.

Why is an online notary better than in-person traditional notary public for the residents of Tennessee?

Notary services are a better option than traditional ones in person because they save you from meetings. It also removes the need to travel or spend extra money on the notarization process. Once all the requirements are complete, the remote notarization company handles everything for you.

What types of notarizations are permitted online in Tennessee?

Following are the types of notarizations that are allowed in Tennessee:

  • Taking acknowledgments
  • Taking verification on oath or affirmation
  • Certifying a copy of a record
  • Executing a jurat

You can check the requirements and details for these notarizations from the professionals you hire. They can provide better guidance.

Approved RON vendors in Tennessee

The Tennessee Secretary of State does not recommend nor endorse any third-party vendors. Whatever platform you choose should provide identity proofing, credential analysis, and storage for your video recordings of notarial acts. It should also be capable of attaching your electronic seal, electronic signature, and electronic notarial certificate to an electronic document.



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