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Remote online notary in Alabama

The notarization process in Alabama is designed to prevent forgery and fraud by having a third party ensure that the signature on a legal document or form, such as a will or power of attorney, is authentic. It also ensures that the signer knows what they are signing and does it voluntarily.

You will be pleased to know that Alabama’s notary laws changed on July 1, 2021. Now notaries in Alabama can formally perform remote online notarizations. Senate Bill 275 allows notaries to take acknowledgments remotely as long as they are physically present within the state at the time of the performance of the notarial act.

All Alabama notaries can notarize signatures through two-way audio-video communication, such as videoconferencing. With a remote online notary in Alabama, you can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of getting a document, such as a will, notarized from your home or office. Stop looking for a documentary notary near you when you can work with a virtual notary! Start skipping the queues and benefit from the best online notary service in Alabama!

In this guide, we break down everything you need to know about using a remote online notary in Alabama to start notarizing your documents online immediately using PandaDoc Notary.

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How does PandaDoc Notary work?

Documents and forms that typically require a notarization include affidavits, healthcare directives, powers of attorney, real estate documents, and wills. Although state laws and regulations on notarial acts vary, the important part of the notarization process in all US states includes the personal appearance of the document signer before the notary public and the verification of that signer’s identity by the public notary.

If you would like to notarize your important papers, forms, and documents online in the state of Alabama, feel free to make the most of PandaDoc Notary. PandaDoc Notary provides a simple and secure cloud-based platform for the residents of Alabama that bridges the gap of time and distance for all signing parties involved. With this platform, you can create, eSign, edit, and notarize documents, such as title certificates and affidavits, at your own convenience. Through a convenient and simple-to-use remote online notary solution, you can now notarize documents and papers online from virtually any place in the world. Because the signer in an online notarization has the option to appear by videoconference, you can be present anywhere in the world during a notary session.

PandaDoc Notary is a fully managed and secure solution that allows the document signer to appear before the public notary over a live audio-video feed at the time of executing digital documents.

Considerably more secure, safe, and simple than conventional or mobile notary services, online notarization services are ideal for remote legal and business transactions.

How does online notary work in Alabama?

On April 2, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey amended her Emergency order with a revised supplemental proclamation that allowed the remote and virtual notarization of various documents to occur without the direct supervision or involvement of attorneys. Alabama notaries aren’t required to buy a second surety bond to complete remote notarizations.

The document signer and the notary communicate through a live two-way videoconferencing session. The participants sign an interactive electronic version of the document electronically. An online notary system carefully documents each step in the session as well as the signing process. It also confirms that the document or form presented for online notarization is the same document or form that is electronically signed.

Note that the online notary session is also digitally recorded and secured in a way that only the authorized parties–signer and online notary–can access. With a remote online notary in Alabama and a secure platform, such as PandaDoc Notary, you will enjoy ease, security, and flexibility when getting your documents notarized.


Is online notarization legal in Alabama?

Yes, with the passing of Senate Bill 275 in Alabama, notaries can take acknowledgments remotely provided they are physically present in the state at the time of the notarial act. You can legally work with an online notary in Alabama and enjoy the benefits of online notary services. Any document or form that you can get notarized by a conventional notary you will be able to get notarized by a remote online notary. However, make sure that you review all the requirements of your specific document. This way, the notary public can walk you through the process of getting your important document notarized properly.

How much can an online notary charge in Alabama?

The notary fees or charges are set by the state of Alabama. In the state of Alabama, an online notary is permitted to charge $5 for each acknowledgment and jurat. It is best to confirm these fees with the online notary beforehand.

How to notarize a document in Alabama?

If you want to get a document notarized online in Alabama, there are some steps you have to follow. First, you must compare your availability with the availability of the virtual or online notary. Many websites add a calendar that you can use to look at who’s available to help you. After that, you have to upload your documents and forms so the notary public can review them.

  • Assemble all necessary documents and your proof of identity, such as an ID.
  • Get settled in an uninterrupted and quiet space.
  • Make sure that your desktop, laptop, or tablet has a strong Internet connection. Also, you require a good camera, speakers and a microphone.

After the remote document signer has executed the financial or legal document, it is electronically transmitted to the notary for officiating.  The online notary will stamp and notarize the transmitted document.

What are the Alabama notarization requirements?

To complete a remote notarization in Alabama, a notary requires a computer, microphone, webcam, and secure Internet connection. The computer should be able to support effective 2-way audio-video communication in real-time. As remote notarizations in the state of Alabama still require a notary public to use a conventional wet ink signature on the forms or documents, digital tools like a digital certificate and electronic signature aren’t required.

According to Alabama Code Section 36-20-70, the probate judge directly reports to the Alabama Secretary of State the full name, county of residence, and the date of issuance and expiration of the commission of each public notary. However, the Secretary of State doesn’t appoint or commission notaries.

What are the notary laws in Alabama?

The state of Alabama uses a hybrid of RON and remote ink-signed notarization. The document signer must send the documents and papers to be notarized to the Notary. Typically, you may do this with a link you receive in an email after scheduling your appointment. According to Alabama laws, when it’s time for your appointment, you will have to verify your identity before meeting with the online notary.

After that, the notary public will walk you through the process. After the appointment, you will wait for the online notary to notarize your documents and forms before you can download and submit them.

What are the Alabama notary laws?

To perform an online notarization in Alabama, you will need the following:

  • A computer, laptop, iPhone, or Android phone with video and audio capabilities.
  • An original and unsigned document (Do not sign the document before uploading! You have to sign with the Alabama notary).
  • A valid and current government–issued photo ID.
  • A social security number for quick and secure identity verification.
  • Alabama has created additional requirements for notaries, such as:
  • Obtain evidence of the principal signer’s identity or the identity of any other person appearing before the notary in a way authorized by the laws and regulations.
  • Notaries should disqualify themselves from completing a notarial act for transactions in which they are a party or directly and financially interested in the underlying transaction

If I notarize a document in Alabama, will it be recognized by other states?

Yes. Online notarial acts completed in Alabama will usually be recognized by other US states, including those states that have not yet adopted remote online notarization law.

Do I Have To Be In Alabama To Use PandaDoc Notary Services?

You can conveniently and easily access any of PandaDoc Notary’s features and tools from wherever you are located and you don’t have to be in Alabama to use PandaDoc Notary services.

What types of notarizations are permitted online in Alabama?

Alabama notaries are only permitted to take acknowledgments remotely — note that all other notarial acts are required to be performed in person.

Why using an online notary is a much better option for Alabama residents than using a traditional notary public in person?

An online notary in Alabama can handle your notarization right from their office, and you may stay right at your home or in your office. This will save you time and money. When you need quick and secure notarization of any legal document or contract in Alabama, use PandaDoc Notary to save time.


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