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Remote online notary in Idaho

Remote online notarization in Idaho is legal and continues to get more mainstream. Like many progressive states, Idaho has put in place a law to make RON permanently legal. This gives more room to notaries and people to notarize documents online without having to deal with traditional issues.

Today, you can notarize a document online on the PandaDoc Notary platform with the help of an electronic notary agent and communicate via a video conferencing app seamlessly.

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In fact, the PandaDoc Notary platform also comes with built-in features that make the notarization process easier for the notaries and the users. You can use this platform to notarize a long list of documents online with added convenience, efficiency, security, and affordability.  

Without further ado, let’s dive into more details about how remote online notarization works in Idaho:

How does PandaDoc Notary work?

PandaDoc Notary is a modern-day tool to notarize documents in an efficient and effective manner. While you may have concerns, understand that a remote online notarization hub like PandaDoc Notary is highly secure and safe for users and notaries.  

One of the hallmark aspects of PandaDoc Notary is that it has managed to simplify the notarization process on the platform so that more and more users can choose RON over the traditional way to notarize documents. Another great thing about using PandaDoc Notary is that it saves you from learning about complex laws and technicalities about notarizing documents online.

Once you successfully schedule an online appointment with an Idaho notary agent and communicate details of the document via video conferencing software, you’re good to go. After that, you can expect the appointed online notary agent to do most of the heavy lifting and complete the rest of the notarization process.

Individuals and firms can use PandaDoc Notary to notarize documents online. You’d be surprised how easy it is to make electronic signatures in a remote notary’s presence and leave it to the online public notary to take care of the notarization.

Find out more info about how PandaDoc Notary works and request a demo to start notarizing documents online

How does online notary work in Idaho?

While you can perform remote notarial acts in the state of Idaho, commissioned notaries need to follow specific rules and requirements. But individual users don’t have to worry about having to learn about every single rule and requirement.

Typically, Idaho-commissioned notaries have a full grasp of the state-mandated requirements to notarize documents online and can create a roadmap for average users to move forward in the right direction.  In Idaho, only a licensed and commissioned online notary public can notarize documents.

Once the user books an appointment online and communicates with the commissioned notary agent via a video conferencing tool, then it’s a straightforward process. The commissioned remote notary verifies the ID of the principal and may ask a few questions.

A commissioned public notary compares and references the information, and if all things check out – an online notary agent adds an electronic signature as well as a digital certificate. Last but not least – the state-commissioned and licensed public notary puts a digital stamp or seal on the document.

After the final authentication, the notarization process comes to an end. After that, you can expect to get a copy of a notarized document in the form of a completion certificate.


Is online notarization legal in Idaho?

RON services are permanently legal in the state of Idaho for commissioned and licensed notaries so that they can practice remote notarization. With Senate Bill 1111, online commissioned notaries can offer notary services in Idaho.

How much can an online notary charge in Idaho?

When it comes to an online notary in Idaho, notarization services are not expensive. In fact, the pricing of notarizing a single document online is no more than $25. With a solid online notary service in Idaho, you won’t have to pay over $25 per notarial act.

How to notarize a document in Idaho?

Scheduling an online appointment is how you kickstart your remote notarization process. You can utilize the PandaDoc Notary platform to instantly schedule an online appointment, find an online public notary, communicate via a video referencing tool, and see through the entire notarization process.

What are the Idaho notarization requirements?

In Idaho, commissioned and licensed notaries can perform remote notarial services as long as they’re compliant with state requirements. For instance, notaries have to be within the state boundaries throughout the notarization process. However, signers have the flexibility to be in any part of the country during remote online notarization. Notaries also have to use state-approved communication technology tools for notarization.

What are the notary laws in Idaho?

Idaho was far ahead of the rest of the states in legalizing RON. In fact, it was one of the first states to make remote online notarization permanently legal back in early 2019. In line with the Governor and Secretary of State, Idaho passed Senate Bill 1111, which made RON permanently legal and gave the full authority of commissioned public notaries of the state to notarize documents online onwards from January 1, 2020. You can also check out IDAPA 34.07.01 for governing rules concerning performing remote notarial acts.

What types of notarizations are permitted online in Idaho?

In Idaho, online notary agents can perform different kinds of notarial acts:

  • Witnessing signatures
  • Taking verification of an affirmation or oath
  • Taking acknowledgments
  • Certifying a record copy
  • Administering an affirmation or an oath

If I notarize a document in Idaho, will it be recognized by other states?

If you legally notarize a document in the state of Idaho, it will be viewed as a legal document by other states that have already put electronic notarization laws in place.

Do I have to be in Idaho to use PandaDoc Notary services?

Signers don’t have to be in the same state during the notarization process, while state-commissioned public notaries have to be within Idaho boundaries to notarize any document.

Why is using an online notary a much better option for Idaho residents than using a traditional notary public in person?

Like Vermont, Maine, and other states with RON laws, online notarization is far more cost-effective, convenient, and safe than conventional notarization.

The key features of Idaho’s RON legislation include:

  • Provide that an individual may appear before a notary public by means of communication technology and thereby comply with the provisions calling for personal appearance before a notary public.
  • Define communication technology as any means or process that allows a notary public and a remotely located individual to communicate with each other simultaneously. Specific technology is not identified and will be determined by rule making at a later date.
  • Specify the means by which a notary public must identify a remotely located individual. This includes personal knowledge of the identity of the individual, and evidence of the identity of the remotely located individual by oath or affirmation from a credible witness.
  • Permit a notary public to identify a remotely located individual by at least two different types of identity-proofing processes or services. This may include having a remote individual answer questions for which there is a high probability that only the true individual would be able to answer correctly or using biometric identification technology or credential analysis.
  • Require that an audio-visual recording of the performance of the notarial act be created.
  • Provide that the certificate of notarial act required must indicate that a notarial act performed in accordance with this Section was done by means of communication technology.
  • Provide that the commissioning officer may adopt rules regarding the performance of notarial acts for remotely located individuals.
  • Specifies that the notarial officer may certify that a tangible copy is an accurate copy of an electronic record and that such certifications may be accepted for recording into the real estate records.



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