Customize, negotiate, eSign, and notarize contracts

Combine templates with a library filled with pre-approved clause choices to notarize error-free contracts lightning fast. Let our CRM integrations do the heavy lifting for you.

Easily collect and share information with Forms

Automate electronic signatures and data collection. Share Forms via direct link or embedding on your website. No coding needed.

Notarize retainer agreements

Esign retainer agreements and notarize them online without leaving the app. No more back and forth with emails, fax, or in-person meetings.

Help your clients manage their assets

Create, edit, eSign, and notarize powers of attorney, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and other legal documents online with PandaDoc Notary.

Make it convenient

Unlike traditional pen & paper notarization, PandaDoc Notary offers the most convenient online option if a client is in the hospital or out of the state.

Secure remote legal services

Legal documents eSigned online with PandaDoc are state compliant and tamper-proof with X509 signing certificate.

Enjoy unlimited eSignatures and document storage

Leverage the power of PandaDoc to create, eSign, manage, send, and store unlimited.

PandaDoc Notary is easy to trust

Safeguard your documents, record notarial acts, and play it safe with state-approved software.

Secure ID verification

Reduce fraud with secure ID verification that adheres to state standards. KBA questions and ID credential validation included in every transaction.

Electronic journaling

Trace every notarial transaction with audio-visual session recordings and cloud-based electronic journaling.

Document bundling

View and export recordings of your notary act within minutes of the completed session.

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Questions? We have answers

What is Remote Online Notarization (RON)?

Remote Online Notarization (RON) is a notarization where all documents, signatures, and seals are completed in electronic form. RON uses real-time, audiovisual technology to bring the notary and signer together.

Is RON secure?

PandaDoc Notary provides businesses and their notary with everything they need to get started, including a robust Journal with recordings of the session, audit trail, and a tamper proof document that is sealed with an X509 certificate.

How does RON work?

Remote online notarizations allow notaries and clients to meet face-to-face online, in real-time, using audiovisual technology. This is distinct from traditional, in-person notarizations, where the notary and the signers must be physically present in the same location. Multi-point, identity verification, including personal identification, is used to ensure the integrity of the notarial transaction.

What types of documents can I notarize with PandaDoc Notary?

PandaDoc Notary can perform any notarization that is legal for Remote Online Notarization in the state where the notary is commissioned. Some documents, such as birth certificates, death certificates, and court documents often require in-person notarizations or qualified witnesses. It’s always best to check with the party that requires the notarized document to make sure that online notarizations are acceptable.

Is RON legal?

In 2011, Virginia became the first state to legalize Remote Online Notarization (RON). In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need for further use of RON, and almost every state enacted legislation or executive orders allowing for its legal use.

Is RON legal in my state?

Each state has its own specific set of laws and regulations that determine how RON services must be carried out. This includes stipulations that both notaries and signers will need to be aware of and prepared for. For this reason, we encourage you to confirm legality with your Secretary of State.

I employ a notary in my business, do I need to use notaries on the PandaDoc Notary network?

PandaDoc Notary allows in-house notaries that you employ to use the platform.

Does PandaDoc Notary allow notarizations for clients outside of the United States?

Yes, in many cases, based on the relevant state laws, PandaDoc Notary can provide notarizations for U.S. citizens located abroad.

Are notarial acts conducted in compliance with a state Remote Online Notarization law recognized in any other state?

The Model Electronic Notarization Act of 2017 (MENA) sets a precedent that establishes that as long as the notarial act was carried out in compliance with the laws of the jurisdiction where it was committed, it can be recognized across state lines. This precedent is consistent with previous legislation that allows traditional notarial acts to be recognized across state lines as well.