How to write a letter to be notarized


On the surface, it may seem like a difficult task to draft a letter for notarizing purposes. However, once you get familiar with the process and elements that make a notarized letter work, you’ll find the process easier than before. In layman’s terms, a notarized letter refers to a piece of document that highlights the authenticity and validation of a signature of a letter.

Document notarized: Is it difficult to write a letter that can get notarized?

Like most documents, a notary public is responsible for witnessing the signed document by one or more involved parties.

Public notaries confirm and validate your identification during the signing of a document and make sure you’re signing it without any undue influence or pressure. Your focus should be to draft a letter and have it notarized in a manner that helps you prevent potential fraud.

Remember, if a notary public finds something suspicious in your letter, there’s a chance he won’t notarize your written letter. It may not be enough to Google, ‘how to write a letter that can turn into a notarized letter. You’ll need additional information to figure out what should be “your” approach to writing a notarized letter.

Keeping that in mind, let’s dive into the fundamentals of writing a letter that can get notarized and other details you should be aware of notarizing a written letter:

What is a notarized letter?

A notarized letter is a certified document by a public notary. Depending on the state laws, you can have your letter notarized in person or online. A notary public is responsible for identifying, verifying, and validating the signature of involved parties.

A public notary also stamps and seals the document in order to get it notarized. In a practical setting, if you’re required to present a certified document from a mortgage company or a bank, you will need to provide a notarized letter that supports the validity of a document.

Why is it important to notarize a letter? 

Notarization translates into authorization, which is a direct interaction that ensures there’s no fraud or misrepresentation at play. A public notary checks one or more forms of identification of the signer to make sure the signer is not misrepresenting.

Screening of the signer’s identification can take place in person or in virtual settings. In any case, a notarized letter or any other document notarized works as proof of validation. You can present a driver’s license, government-issued ID, or any other type of identity to a notary public for verification and confirmation.

Without notarizing letters, there would be rampant fraud and no accountability of documents whatsoever. Authorization, at its core, affirms that the person signing the document is real and not engaging in a fraudulent or misrepresentation. It makes it all the more important to write a letter that can easily verify your identity. When you hear the word notarized, think of it as the legitimacy of your document.

How to write a proper letter to be notarized?

Notarized letters are more common than you think. Here are key elements you need to remember that lead to legal documents:

  • You need to draft a letter formally and add suitable headings
  • Write a letter that mentions your state and county with your full address
  • Once you draft your letter, make sure to leave some space for the signature
  • Always remember that you’ll be signing your written letter in the presence of a public notary. So, don’t try to sign it on your own
  • Like your signature space, make sure to leave ample space for the notary public to add a seal and signature on your document
  • If the spot where the notarization is to take place along with the signing date
  • Make sure the notarial wording and structure of the written letter are clear to the public notary
  • Beware of the expiry of the notarized document in advance

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Notarized letter format 

Whether it’s notarized authorization letter, handwritten letter, or personal notarized letter, you can find a lot of notarized letter template and notarized letter templates. In fact, you can find many notarized letter samples online. Here’s a simplified notarized letter format for your reference:

[INSERT: Date]

[INSERT: Name}

[INSERT: Address]

[INSERT: State and City Zip Code]

Dear [Full First and Last Name],

Add the relevant content in the letter.

I, [add name], can verify that I have lived at [address] in [state, city] for a period [date].

In line with the perjury penalty, I also confirm that the statements and facts in this letter are true.


[ADD: Signer’s Full Name]

[Signature Space]

NOTE: leave enough room for the notary public’s acknowledgment where he can add his name, seal, and signature.

How to get a letter notarized?

First, bring a written and unsigned document copy to a public notary or present it online.

Second, provide proper identification to the notary public with the latest photograph, like a driver’s license or passport.

Third, cover the notarization fee, and make sure to confirm it with your public notary.

Fourth, the notarization process will now initiate where a public notary will confirm and validate your identity.

Fifth, you will sign the drafted letter in the presence of a notary and wait for the notary to add his seal and signature to the document and get it legally notarized.

Where to get letter notarized?

While your local bank can notarize your document, many people have started to use online notarization platforms to notarize documents. You can also notarize your written letter from convenience stores, law offices, retail stores, car dealerships, and shipping stores.

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Can you write a letter and have it notarized?

Yes, you can fill out the details of a letter on your own and then contact a public notary to get it notarized. If you’re wondering what documents need to be notarized, understand that there is a long list of documents you can notarize in your state.

When should a letter be notarized?

There is a good chance a bank, state representative, or other official authority may ask you to present a proper notarized letter. In this case, you may have to get the help of a professional notary services or an experienced notary public in your state. You can, on the other hand, leverage PandaDoc Notary, an online notarizing platform, to schedule a virtual appointment and deal with an assigned notary agent.

What is needed to notarize a letter?

Whether you want to notarize the DS-30536 form or notarize the affidavit, you’ll need photo identification, cover the notarization fee to the public notary, and provide the necessary documents for notarization. The same rules apply to any other document you want to notarize.

Who can notarize a letter?

A licensed and state-commissioned public notary can legally perform a notarization process. A public notary seal and signature are followed by the confirmed identity of the signer that validates/legalized the document.

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