How to notarize a document without a notary section


If you want to get a document or letter notarized, you have to work with a notary public in your state. However, what should you do if you have a letter or statement that lacks a notary section or pre-printed notary certificate? So, how to notarize a document without a notary section?

If you want to know how to notarize a document, such as a deed, without a notary section, you are not alone. There are some important steps you have to follow. 

We can define a notary section, also known as a notary certificate, as a statement that a notary completes, signs, and stamps using a notary stamp. The notarial certificate is a formal written statement, sealed and signed by the notary public, and certifies the facts of a notarial act. Keep in mind that for all notarial acts that require a certificate, a notary has to complete a notary certificate and use a notary stamp to provide notary services.

The notarization of a document is important for many reasons. A notarized document, letter, or contract, is certified by a licensed notary public or a licensed public officer or state official who serves as an impartial and objective witness to the signing of important documents. The person establishes the authenticity of the signatures. You should know that a notary’s seal and signature are required to authenticate the signature on a letter or other legal document without notarial wording.

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What is the notary section?

Many documents, such as contracts and wills, which need notarization, have a specific section the notary fills out and signs. The notary certificate or section may be typed, or it can be printed on the document itself. Keep in mind that it can also be an attachment stapled to the document’s left margin after the signature page.

A notary must abide by specific laws that are unique to each jurisdiction when notarizing documents. There are a few similarities among many jurisdictions, though. A notary completes, signs, and stamps the notary part or section of a document.

The body includes the primary information and details about the notarial act, including the date of notarization, the name of the signer, and key details about the notarial act. These details explain and describe the facts the notary is certifying in the specific notarization.

Some of the key information and details to be included in this section are:

  • The location or place where you met with a notary public
  • The date the legal document, such as an affidavit, was notarized
  • The specific kind of act the notary perform, like an oath or acknowledgment
  • The name of the individual or person signing the document

Can you notarize a document without a notary section?

If you’ve been instructed to have a document or letter notarized, but it lacks a designated part for the notary to complete, the document cannot be notarized. In most cases, a document will be labeled as incomplete if a notary notarizes the document without the notary section.

In other words, if the document doesn’t have a notary section, the notarization will be deemed incomplete since it does not meet the minimum statutory and legal requirements. As a result, the document, such as a will or trust deed, will be rejected.

It is worth noting that a notary public or public official is accountable for every word in the notary certificate. A notary public is not allowed to notarize a document or letter that doesn’t have a complete notary certificate on that document or its attachment. Also, the notary who notarizes a legal document improperly is subject to fines and disciplinary actions.

A notary public should not assume that a pre-printed certificate is legal, accurate, or truthful. The pre-printed certificate should be examined by a notary to ensure that it complies with legal standards and is accurate and true.

What to do when a document is missing a notary section?

If a document or loan paper is missing a notary section, the notary public should do the following:

Realizing a document lacks the necessary information for you to complete the notarization process can be stressful. Asking the notary for legal advice is not permitted; therefore, refrain from doing so. In this case, you may want to speak with a lawyer. Notaries who provide legal advice run the risk of losing their commissions or being charged with a crime.

Clarify the kind of notarization you need

You need to know what type of notarization you need. For instance, do you require an acknowledgment? Perhaps, you need an oath. However, keep in mind that the notary public cannot influence the signer of the document; still, they can ask them whether or not they know which type of notarial work they need.

How to notarize a document without a notary section?

If you want to notarize a document or letter without a notary section, you have some options. For example, a notary public might be able to attach a loose certificate to it. On the other hand, the notary can also write a notary section with hand on the document or letter itself.

However, in many cases, the notary public may not know what to do unless you clarify the kind of work you need. And this is where PandaDoc Notary can help you get things done. With the unique ability to meet with an online notary virtually, you will be able to save both time and money. Some simple steps involved in getting a contract or document notarized through PandaDoc Notary include:

 Step 1

You can take a picture of your legal document or loan paperwork without a notary section or upload a PDF file from your computer. You can also upload from a cloud storage service, such as Dropbox.

No matter the time of day or location, or device, PandaDoc Notary can help you with all your online notarizations.

Step 2

Now, you just have to confirm your identity with the PandaDoc Notary verification process. The platform uses identification verification technology in order to verify government-issued photograph IDs and passports.

Step 3

You can connect to your live notary anytime and confirm your identity on a secure call or face-to-face on a webcam. 

Connect easily with a professional and licensed electronic notary public over live video to sign and notarize your important documents. The notary public will verify your identity and witness your signature, assisting you throughout the process.

How much does it cost to notarize a document without a notary section?

It is worth noting that the exact cost of notarizing a contract or document will depend on where you live and the kind of work you need to have done. The good news is that the cost is transparent and low if you decide to get your letter or document notarized through PandaDoc Notary.

PandaDoc Notary’s three-step process takes a couple of minutes, and it is cheaper than other platforms. Commissioned notaries are available on PandaDoc Notary 24/7 to help with the most important documents. PandaDoc Notary provides an analysis of ID verification as well as a complete audit trail of the transaction.

You can easily upload your document without a notary section, such as a trust deed, and connect with a notary in order to confirm your identity.

Final thoughts

As you can see, it is possible to have a document notarized without a notary section, and you can make the process even simpler by using PandaDoc Notary. So, what are you waiting for? 

Get your document or contract notarized with PandaDoc and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using an all-in-one Remote Online Notarization (RON) platform to create, edit, eSign, and notarize documents.  


Can you notarize a document without notarial wording?

You may notarize a contract or document without a notarial wording provided the signer tells you what kind of notarization is required. 

Can you notarize a document if the person is not present?

Sometimes, a signer requires a notarization immediately, but they are unable to appear in person before the notary because of unforeseen events, such as a family issue or medical emergency.

In this case, some US states permit the signer to sign the letter or contract in the presence of a witness. However, in most cases, you need to be present during the notarization process.

Can you notarize without a stamp?

All 50 US states require a public notary to place their respective stamps on documents or contracts to finalize as well as authenticate the service.

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