Remote Online Notary in San Antonio

If you’re looking for remote online notarization in San Antonio, you’re in luck. Texas legally recognizes remote online notarization and allows its licensed public notaries to offer online notary services in San Antonio. Using the PandaDoc Notary platform, you can opt for the most reliable online notary service in San Antonio.

Like other major cities across the U.S., getting the services of a remote online notary in San Antonio is more beneficial and convenient than having to depend on time-consuming conventional notarization.

Let’s touch on how the RON works in San Antonio and how you can leverage PandaDoc Notary to get the best value-added notarization service:

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How does PandaDoc Notary work?

PandaDoc Notary is an online notarization platform that makes it easier for ordinary people to notarize documents easily. With PandaDoc Notary, there is no need to be at the mercy of traditional notarization, which requires a lot of time and even some technical understanding.

On the PandaDoc Notary platform, you just need to schedule an online appointment. Next, you’ll get assigned an online notary agent to start your notarization process. Like face-to-face notarization, online notarization connects you with a state-licensed online notary public.

PandaDoc Notary offers robust security for online users and public notaries to secure their valuable input information and uploaded documents. Once you’re assigned an online Texas notary public, you can depend on him to do most of the heavy lifting and take care of the technical elements of notarization.

One of the main reasons to use the PandaDoc Notary platform is to leverage its built-in features that allow you to speed up the entire notarization process online. Right off the bat, you’ll notice more efficiency, flexibility, and security using the PandaDoc Notary platform. The cloud-based platform works around an online authentication process that makes it easier to confirm the identities of one or more signers.

PandaDoc Notary also encrypts information so that there is no chance of tempering and fraud. PandaDoc Notary is a leading platform when it comes to remote online notarization and continues to promote RON in the United States. Additionally, PandaDoc Notary provides round-the-clock live chat support.

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How does online notary work in San Antonio?

Finding a remote online notary in San Antonio is easier than you think. In San Antonio, businesses and individuals can take advantage of remote online notarization. Sure, you can notarize documents old school, but there is no need to have face-to-face meetings and spend a lot of time when you can conveniently and easily notarize documents online.

In San Antonio, notarizing documents remotely requires signers to communicate with commissioned online notaries through an audio-video conferencing app. You need this communication to complete your online notarization process.

Contrary to what you may have heard, online notarization is quite similar to conventional notarization. In San Antonio, Texas, the signer first needs to pay a notarization fee online and cover the notary fee of the online notary agent. After that, the signer appears before the online notary, which leads to an identity check based on a platform’s algorithm.

Next, the principal signer needs to add an eSignature to the digital version of the document. Last but not least – the online notary agent adds a signature and notary seal to the document. After that, it becomes a legally binding document.

Pros of Notarizing Documents Online in San Antonio

There are many benefits to notarizing a broad range of documents online in San Antonio. For starters, it is much faster, easier, and simpler than traditional notarization.

One of the best aspects of RON is that it allows you to communicate with a commissioned online notary agent online and cuts out the need to be physically present.

Notarizing documents online minimizes the chance of potential fraud significantly. Accessing and storing documents online using an encrypted platform like PandaDoc Notary adds extra layers of protection.


In San Antonio, Texas – notaries can legally offer online notary services. In short, remote online notarization is legal in San Antonio. But for most states that came around RON during the pandemic crisis, Texas is one of the few states that enacted the RON law back in 2018.

How much can an online notary charge in San Antonio?

In San Antonio, Texas, there is no requirement for online notary agents to charge a fee for remote online notarization services. Still, an online notary agent can charge from $6 to $25 for each notarial act in San Antonio.  

How to notarize a document in San Antonio?

In San Antonio, you can either notarize a document traditionally or through remote online notarization. For most people in San Antonio, remote online notarization is an ultra-fast, convenient, and secure option.

In Texas, a document that has been signed and notarized using online notarization is legally binding and enforceable in all 50 states.

In San Antonio, online notaries have to pay a specified fee to get state certification and offer RON services. Online notaries in San Antonio also need a legit digital eSeal before they can run credential analysis, which works as identity proofingMake sure to follow specific directives to get your notarized document’s digital certificate.

What are the San Antonio notarization requirements?

In order to notarize any document in San Antonio, Texas, involved parties have to provide relevant identification along with documents so that commissioned online notaries can verify and confirm their identities. In most cases, people provide their driver’s license as primary identification.

What are the notary laws in San Antonio?

San Antonio, Texas has remote online notarization law in place that allows the principal signers and online notaries to engage in an audiovisual conferencing app and complete a notarial act.

If I notarize a document in San Antonio, will it be recognized by other states?

Yes, by Texas law, if you notarize a document in San Antonio, it will get recognized throughout the United States.

Do I have to be in San Antonio to use PandaDoc Notary services?

One of the perks of using the PandaDoc Notary platform and leveraging RON is that signers don’t have to be in San Antonio, Texas to notarize their documents. However, the online notaries need to be within the state boundaries to add an electronic seal and finalize the notarization process.

What types of notarizations are permitted online in San Antonio?

In San Antonio, Texas, RON law allows you to notarize documents, like wills and trusts, property deeds, affidavits, taking depositions, court documents, and guardianship/custody agreements.

Why using an online notary is a much better option for San Antonio residents than using a traditional notary public in person?

Remote online notarization is more flexible, secure, convenient, fast, and straightforward than traditional notarization.