Remote Online Notary in Miami

If you’re wondering whether or not remote online notarization is legal in Miami, the answer is yes. Like other progressive cities, Miami, Florida champions remote online notarization and how it can benefit people and businesses.

When remote online notarization, or RON, is legal, it gives added freedom and flexibility to people and public notaries to notarize a wide range of legal documents. And most importantly, it cuts out the traditional notarization obstacles.

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How does PandaDoc Notary work?

Florida notary in Miami is having a moment and now you can notarize your documents online using the PandaDoc Notary platform without the traditional hurdles. Take the initiative and learn more about how remote online notarization work in Miami, Florida.

Think of PandaDoc Notary as an advanced tool to notarize your documents efficiently and without depending on conventional notarization rules that are time-consuming. If it is your first time with remote online notarization, it is normal to be reluctant about it.

PandaDoc Notary works as a cloud-based platform and uses KBA or a knowledge-based authentication process to validate and confirm the identities of signers.  The platform also features advanced data encryption that protects users’ valuable documents from potential tampering and fraud.

On the PandaDoc Notary, you’ll find electronic signatures straightforward. Now, after you meet with a Miami-based notary agent through an audio-video conferencing tool, you can talk about the document’s details at length and move forward with the notarization process.

Get into the nuts and bolts of how PandaDoc Notary works and continues to evolve – request a demo now to get started with remote online notarization.

How does online notary work in Miami?

Since remote online notarization is legal in Miami, you probably want to take advantage of it. First, you need to schedule a virtual appointment with an online notary public agent. Like PandaDoc Notary, make sure to use only an approved remote online notarization platform.

When you appear before an online notary agent through a state-approved remote online notarization platform and a conferencing tool, make sure there are no third parties involved throughout the virtual conference.

When it comes to identity verificationyour goal should be to ensure audio-visual communication is a two-way connection in real time. If you’re a signer, make sure the assigned notary agent verifies and validates your identity during notarization. The good news is that there is more than one way you can ensure the online notary agent verifies your identity.

For starters, provide a proper government-issued ID. Online notary agents can also leverage “knowledge-based authentication” to confirm your identity. In some instances, the online notary agents already know the identification of the signer and can verify his or her identity.

Next, the signer can mark their eSignatures in the document. After signing, the online notary agent can apply a digital notary seal or a signature. In Miami, Florida law dictates that after the notarization of a document online, it needs to be accessible for signing parties for at least a decade.


Yes, notaries can legally perform notarial acts in Miami, Florida. What’s interesting about Miami, Florida is that it had RON laws in place before the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. You may, however, need to go through specific directives of the Department of State to run credential analysis and invoke a power of attorney.

How much can an online notary charge in Miami?

In the state of Florida, the signer, on average, can expect an online notary agent to charge $25 for notarizing a single document in Miami. However, rates of online notaries vary, and it may cost less or more depending on the quality of RON services. When it comes to document signing, make sure to get multiple copies of your signed document.

How to notarize a document in Miami?

You can notarize a document in Miami remotely, which involves the same process, except you’re dealing with an online notary agent and even signing the document in the virtual presence of the assigned notary agent.

Remote online notarization speeds up and simplifies the entire process and makes it easier for the signers to be in any part of the state and ensure their licensed and commissioned notary agents can notarize the agent. Once there is a secure online connection between the signer and the notary agent, it all comes down to eSign and final confirmation.

What are the Miami notarization requirements?

During notarization, you have to provide proper identification so that the assigned online notary agent can confirm your identity and move past identity proofing. In fact, the same rules apply to in-person and online notarization. On top of government-issued ID, you can present a military card, passport, permanent resident card, or driver’s license.

What are the notary laws in Miami?

In Miami, Florida – the notarization of electronic documents came into effect before the pandemic. However, online notaries have to meet specific responsibilities within Florida Administrative Code. As long as the training and application requirements of online notaries check out – they can perform notarial acts in Miami, Florida.

If I notarize a document in Miami, will it be recognized by other states?

Whether you notarize a document online or in person in other states, it will be recognized in Miami, Florida. In fact, Miami, Florida supports and recognizes notarized documents from 50 states as long as they comply with local RON laws.

What types of notarizations are permitted online in Miami?

If you’re interested in getting an online notary service in Miami, understand that online notaries can perform various notarial acts. It can include:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Taking depositions
  • Taking an acknowledgment
  • Property deeds
  • Executing a jurat
  • Guardianship or custody agreements
  • Court documents
  • Affidavits

Why using an online notary is a much better option for Miami residents than using a traditional notary public in person?

Like major cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, it makes more sense to opt for remote online notarization than conventional notarization in Miami. People and businesses need to make the most out of RON laws in Miami and reap the benefits of flexible, simple, and cost-effective online notarization.