Remote Online Notary in Los Angeles

It is no secret that there is an added simplicity to notarized documents online, and more people need to deserve to know about it. However, in Los Angeles, public notaries cannot perform remote notarial acts. In fact, there is no proper legislation that authorizes remote online notarization to public notaries.  

Still, notaries in other states can, in fact, perform online notarization for people living in Los Angeles. You should also check out the California Secretary of State’s site to learn more information about “how” and “when” RON is applicable.

Let’s break down the essential information about remote online notarization in the City of Angels:

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How does PandaDoc Notary work?

Instead of making face-to-face visits and dealing with technical elements, remote online notarization on PandaDoc Notary stays within the online realm. It means users just need to schedule an appointment to get in touch with an online California notary agent and initiate the notarization process.

Using PandaDoc Notary, you can connect with a state-licensed and commissioned notary in no time. PandaDoc Notary also provides heightened security for all users and notary agents using the platform.

One of the main reasons to use the PandaDoc Notary platform is that users can count on their assigned online notary agent to take care of most of the notary elements and ensure a smooth notarization process. Today, you can use a dedicated PandaDoc Notary platform to notarize documents easily.

It’s a matter of scheduling an appointment and getting in touch with an electronic notary agent via an online video conferencing tool. You can leverage PandaDoc Notary’s integrated features that simplify and streamline the online notarization process.

Notarizing documents online translates into more security, convenience, and efficiency than old school notarization that requires in-person visits. PandaDoc Notary is an advanced cloud-based platform that ensures a flawless authentication process in order to affirm signers’ identities.

PandaDoc Notary also comes with encrypted that ensures there’s no fraud or tampering with documents. While there is no passed legislation in the state of California on RON, the fact remains that PandaDoc Notary has managed to simplify remote online notarization for millions of Americans.

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How does online notary work in Los Angeles?

In cities and states where RON is legal and has laws in place, remote online notarization processes revolve around involving online notaries. Like a traditional notarization, an online notary agent instructs the signer to confirm their understanding of the content in the document and that they’re signing the document without undue influence and of their free will.

If you reside in California and want to take advantage of remote online notarization, you can see it as a cost-effective and convenient approach to notarizing documents. Although remote online notarization has made it easier to notarize documents, the state of California doesn’t allow public notaries to offer virtual notarization services.

While notarizing documents online is cheaper and faster than conventional notarization, people don’t have this option in Los Angeles, California. In fact, California is quite strict about performing notarization in the face-to-face presence of a public notary. It requires scheduling a walk-in appointment with a California notary public to meet up at a specific place and time before notarization.

In Los Angeles, some professionals and businesses offer notarization as a secondary service. For instance, California law firms, tax consultants, real estate agencies, banks, shipping stores, AAA auto insurance, loan processing offices, and even photocopy stores offer traditional notarization services in Los Angeles.


Unlike Maryland, Missouri, Kentucky, and most other states, RON is legally not permissible in California. It’s 2023, and online notary service in Los Angeles is still not a thing. So, if you’re looking for a remote online notary in Los Angeles, you should be aware of California’s law that doesn’t allow public notaries to perform remote notarial acts. It means online notarization is not legal in California.

How much can an online notary charge in Los Angeles?

Since remote online notarization is not legal in Los Angeles, California, public notaries cannot charge you to perform any RON service. However, traditional mobile notary service, on average, costs $15 in Los Angeles, California.

How to notarize a document in Los Angeles?

Even if you want to notarize a document without RON in Los Angeles, you will need to follow specific requirements and steps to make sure your notarization is legit and valid. Ideally, you should reach out to Los Angeles County recorder to make sure you meet all notarization requirements.

What are the Los Angeles notarization requirements?

In the state of California, the signers and the public notaries have to appear in person during notarization. It means the principal has to sign the document in the presence of a state-licensed and commissioned notary agent. During notarization, the signer has to provide a valid form of ID and cover the notarization fee.

In Los Angeles, California, the public notary also has to maintain the record of all notarial acts in a secure journal and add their own seal or signature that validates and confirms the signer’s signature and makes the document legal.

What are the Los Angeles notary laws?

As of now, remote online notarization is not legal in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles follows California’s notarization laws, which mandate all notarial acts need to be performed in person and the presence of a commissioned public notary.

Although remote online notarization is not legal, California has Bill 2143 in place that allows signers to eSign and notaries to digitally notarize a broad range of real estate documents. But even in this notarization process, involved parties need to be present in person at the time of notarization.

Do I have to be in Los Angeles to use PandaDoc Notary services?

Since remote online notarization is not legal in Los Angeles, California, you cannot use the PandaDoc Notary platform to initiate and perform notarial acts in California. Still, you can leverage PandaDoc Notary’s added features like eSigning a wide range of documents.

Why using an online notary is a much better option for Los Angeles residents than using a traditional notary public in person?

The truth is that you’re living in the boom of remote online notarization and a hub like the PandaDoc Notary platform has made online notarization safe, efficient, flexible, and cost-effective for users and notary agents.