What do you write when you notarize a document?


Notarized legal documents are one of the most crucial pieces of paperwork you will encounter. You will face a lot of issues while trying to get a notarial certificate if you don’t know the best options.

For example, you need a person signing the documents, a notary public, and their personal appearance according to the suggestions by the notary commission.

There are legal requirements that these notaries have to follow while they sign the document. Unfortunately, many people don’t even know what does a notarized document look like or what do you write when you notarize a document.

It’s important to follow these details because, without the right letter, your visit could be useless. It’s better to complete and get the documents verified as quickly as possible. Errors in the legal document notarized could lead to further issues, such as delays in verifying.

You will also require an oath or affirmation again, making the process all the more challenging. Moreover, ensuring the notary’s presence becomes a massive problem without the right assistance.

You will spend a lot of time trying to get the document notarized professionally, as it’s required by law. The best way to avoid all these complications is to know the right details while writing to notarize a document- and that’s what we will talk about ahead.

What do you write when you notarize a document?

The requirements for writing while notarizing a document vary for each document type. The notarization process may vary based on the instructions by the notary commission that everyone needs to follow.

The correct wording is the most important thing to write while notarizing a document. The wording refers to the specific terms and words used to complete the process.

You may wonder what document needs to be notarized, but they can do almost anything. For instance, it can be a driver’s license or a real estate document requiring certification.

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The notary public will verify the identity of the principal (or the notarization applicant), confirm all the documents are correct, and then notarize the document.

The applicants are liable to meet the state and documentation requirements before applying. Missing out on a single requirement could cancel the verification process. So, please take the time to carefully review the legal requirements set by law.

How to notarize a document properly?

Every document for notarization must fulfill the legal state requirements set by the Secretary of State. These requirements may vary slightly for each state- but are essentially the same.

Missing out on any of these requirements could hinder your document notarizing process. While there’s a variety of different requirements, every notarized document requires the following essentials:


The venue refers to the place of the notarization and may vary based on the methods used for notarization. For example, remote online notarizations are common around different states, contributing to better results.

Notarial Wording (i.e., the acknowledgment or Jurat)

Notarial wording is the next most important element of the notarization process. It ensures the notary public acknowledges the documents, the applicants, and the overall process for verification.

They can also guide the applicants on “what do you write when you notarize a document?” and help them sort out the process problem-free.

The date when the notarization took place

The correct notary process also requires details on the date of notarization for record purposes. It is because the documents notarized through the process are valid for all the states around the U.S.

This is because the notary commission provides this power to the notary public-making the process furthermore convenient. You can get a notarization done in one state and then use it around the country without a problem.

Affiant’s name

Naturally, there’s an affidavit required during the notarization process of documents. It’s why the process requires the affiant‘s name for record purposes. Those related to the process can check the affiant’s name even after the process is complete.

Notary’s signature

The notary public is an authorized individual for the process of notarization. They have the experience and qualifications for document verification. It’s why every document notarized should be signed by these notary publics.

A document without their signature is not valid and may also be challenged in a court of law. Therefore, it’s necessary for the principals to ensure that all notarized documents have the signer and the notary’s records.

Notary stamp

The one thing that finalizes the process of notarizing a document is the notary stamp. It is an official stamp provided to the notary public they use when everything is in place. The notary uses a conventional or digital stamp, depending on the kind of method the applicants opt for.

However, they are responsible for overseeing that everything is in place. Once all of this is ready, the notary public process the application and completes the process.

People who still have questions about the notarization process can check the official details set by the Secretary of State (depending on the location).

The notary public will also verify all the documents and the process for notarization. So, there’s nothing to worry about. You can trust them with the process as they know what they are doing.

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The notarization process for documents may seem like a lot of hassle if you pick the conventional method. You will travel and spend resources and time to reach the notary public physically. While it’s a valid option, it’s not the most convenient one.

Fortunately, people now have alternatives like online document notarization. Services like PandaDoc are available round the clock for it. They can guide the applicants regarding this process, ensuring they complete the requirements problem-free. You can be in any state around the U.S. and still get your documents notarized almost immediately.

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