Can I get a notary to come to my house?


Do you need to notarize your real estate or loan documents urgently? If you lead a busy life and are tired of waiting to get your passport, will, or other document notarized, you may have a question. Can you get a notary to come to your house? Fortunately, there’s a notary public that will visit your home or office and provide notary services.

A mobile notary is a flexible go-to person who will complete the notarization process securely at your convenience. Mobile notaries can visit healthcare homes, coffee shops, hospitals, and film sets. A mobile notary verifies the identity of signers and witnesses the signing of important financial or legal documents like affidavits, wills, power of attorney, and real estate transactions. Mobile notaries also administer oaths and affirmations and certify copies of documents.

You should know that Remote Online Notarization (RON), also known as webcam notarization, is the process of notarizing important documents or financial paperwork, such as loan documents or a driver’s license remotely through electronic signature, audio-visual communication, identity verification, and electronic notarial journal.

In recent years, online or virtual notarization has become increasingly popular. It has emerged as an alternative to conventional in-person notarization.

What type of notaries can come to your house?

Generally, any licensed notary public can act as an impartial witness and provide mobile notary services. They can come to your house or another agreed-upon location, such as your office or sports club. Mobile notaries can perform the same notarial acts and duties as traditional notaries, including administering oaths and certifying copies of various documents and forms. Mobile notaries can also witness the signing of forms and legal documents, such as real estate papers.

Two types of notaries can travel to their clients, such as business owners, to notarize various documents and paperwork. These are:

However, keep in mind that both notaries must have a formal notary commission. A Notary Signing Agent (NSA) is a specially trained, experienced, and certified notary public with expertise in handling loan papers and real estate documents, such as mortgage documents and transfer deeds.

NSAs may also need special licenses to perform specific notarial acts. These notaries also notarize signatures on loan documents.

On the other hand, mobile or traveling notaries are licensed notary publics who travel to a client’s location to offer notarial services. Many mobile notaries public with proper credentials offer services that are occasionally out of business hours.

These professionals can travel to a client’s home, office, club, hospital, or any other location or place where the client needs notarial services. 

What is a Mobile Notary?

Are you looking for online notary services for your legal or financial documents? This is where a mobile notary, also called a traveling notary, can help. A mobile notary is an individual who can visit your home or other locations, such as your company premises, at a time fixed by you. So, there is no need to visit a notary’s office.

These professionals ensure proper and secure completion of the notarization process. Unlike an online or in-office notary, a traveling notary or mobile notary travels to meet their clients in person.

The job of a mobile notary is to verify the document signer’s identity and witness the signing of the relevant document or form. After that, they sign and stamp the document.

They also check the authenticity of all the documents and ensure that no document signer is signing under duress or compulsion or because of any threat.

The role of Mobile Notaries 

In most cases, a mobile notary is helpful for mortgage and real estate transactions, such as a home purchase. However, you can also hire them to notarize documents and forms that require notarization for any purpose.

Mobile notaries are usually hired for financial or legal transactions that require signatures by multiple parties.

Mobile notaries can help with the following documents:

  • Commercial real estate loans
  • First and second loans
  • First mortgages
  • Lease agreements
  • Home equity line of credit
  • First refinances
  • Loan for home purchases; and
  • Reverse mortgages

Also, mobile notaries are valuable for closing important mortgage transactions across state borders. Usually, you have to make an appointment with these notaries and wait to meet them at a specified location and time.

Fees are often considerably higher. This is because you must pay for their travel expenses and time.

Mobile Notary charges 

Are you looking for an online notary for real estate documents? If you are looking to get a contract, financial document, or other paper signed by a mobile notary public, you may have to pay a modest fee to your notary service provider. Notary fees often range from $2 to $20. This is the fee range or amount most mobile notaries charge for their services.

However, if a state places a cap or higher limit on the fees, mobile notaries’ fees can’t exceed that limit. Many states allow online notarization, and in many US states, mobile notaries may also charge an extra fee for additional expenses, like travel costs.

Knowing in advance what you can expect to pay a mobile notary in fees will help you budget for the expense and avoid the risk of delay in signing your important papers. While standard notary costs range from $2 to $20, they are billed on either a per-person or per-signature basis.

What is the easiest way to get documents notarized?

Online notarization is the easiest and most convenient way to notarize documents, such as wills and affidavits. Online notarization can be easier and more convenient than mobile notarization in many cases.

This is because you can complete the notarization of key documents without physically meeting with a notary. Instead, it is possible to complete online notarization remotely through video conferencing technology.

This can save you valuable time and effort, especially if you have a busy schedule, mobility issues, or live in an area where it may be challenging to find a notary nearby.

Also, online notarization of forms and documents can be more cost-effective than mobile notarization. This is because mobile notaries often charge travel fees.

Online Notary vs. Mobile Notary


A mobile notary physically travels to your location, such as your home or office, to perform notarial acts. On the other hand, an online notary can perform notarial acts remotely with the help of video conferencing technology.


You should know that online notarization can be more convenient and flexible. This is because it allows you to complete notarization for important documents and papers from anywhere with a stable internet connection, without the need for travel or scheduling conflicts.

In contrast, mobile notarization can be convenient for people who prefer to meet with a notary in person or need a document or form notarized at a specific location, such as a hospital.

While it’s convenient and less hassling to have a notary visit your home so that you do not have to waste precious time stuck in traffic, document notarization can be even simple. With online notarization, you can get a document or paper notarized from the comfort and convenience of your home using a secure online platform.  

Where to find the best notary near you?

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