notarize alternatives

If you are looking for reliable and convenient alternatives to Notarize for Remote Online Notarization (RON) services, you’ve likely noticed that there is no shortage of options out there. As more states continue to enact some form of permanent RON law, more platforms offer online notary solutions. 

Being able to capture valid, legally-binding e-signatures easily and securely is often crucial to your business’s success.

Notarize can be a great starting point for businesses and title agents who need fast and efficient access to notarization solutions. Starting at $99 per month + $25 per notarization, their services are utilized by some of the largest businesses, lenders, and title firms around.

But Notarize isn’t the only choice out there. In this article, we break down a few of the options that we feel offer the best alternative RON solutions on the market.

Here are a few Notarize alternatives to help you get started.

12 best alternatives to Notarize

  1. PandaDoc Notary
  2. Adobe Acrobat Sign
  3. DocuSign Notary
  4. DocVerify
  5. eNotaryLog
  6. Nexsys
  7. NotaryCam
  8. NotaryLive
  9. OneNotary
  10. OnlineNotary.Us
  11. Pavaso
  12. SIGNiX

Notarize is familiar & efficient — but with limited customizability 

Notarize is an industry leader in online notarization, offering a range of valuable tools to help you prepare and sign documents. It is one of the most highly-rated e-signing platforms on the market and is notable for its robust mobile capabilities.

Notarize provides a wide range of valuable tools, including all of the following services:

  • 24/7 access to commissioned Notarize notaries
  • Fast access via mobile or tablet app
  • Open for API developers
  • Packages for businesses, title agents, and lenders
  • One-time notarization services
  • Audit trail
  • Multi-party signing
  • Progress tracking

Notarize is one of the fastest growing online notarization platforms and they offer access to commissioned notaries 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Notarize offers a simple notarization process that can often be completed in 15-minutes or less, and is completely secure. 

Even with all of these great features, you may be considering alternatives to Notarize to meet your needs.

Why look for a Notarize alternative?

Notarize works for larger organizations that regularly need multi-user access to notary services. But it’s not necessarily the right fit for teams or individuals who require a more flexible and tailored online notarization experience.

Here’s why you might want to consider an alternative.

Increased autonomy without the extra fees

Notarize offers convenient mobile access to its platform and a large pool of independently commissioned notaries that are available in all 50 states. 

While they are able to boast quick transaction times, their services and business packages can at times feel more tailored to the needs of larger organizations. 

In addition to the $99 monthly platform fee, Notarize charges a $25 transaction fee per notarization. With a minimum requirement of 20+ transactions a month, Notarize can be one of the more expensive options unless you regularly notarize many documents.  

While Notarize has revolutionized the way businesses process and notarize documents, it ultimately lacks many of the features that individuals and SMBs require. 

When you choose a Notarize alternative, you could ultimately have more tools and functionality for less cost. 

Reliable and consistent service

Notarize excels in its ability to offer convenient, 24/7 access to its platform and services. But while ease of access is important, we can all agree that getting the job done accurately and on time is the most important factor to consider when comparing your options. 

While Notarize allows you to connect with their pool of independent notaries nationwide, you ultimately have little control over the quality of the notarization provided. This is probably the most significant weak area for Notarize.

Customers have complained about minimal quality control over their notarization when dealing with the Notarize pool of independent contractors. On top of this, long wait times for customer service and a lack of troubleshooting resources have left others frustrated with their experience. 

More than anything else, many of Notarize’s competitors offer far greater user autonomy and control over their services. This means you are able to get it done right the first time, without worry or confusion. 

Bring your own notary

Currently, Notarize only allows you to use your own notary staff in 23 states and does not offer options for custom branding. On top of this, it can be tricky for notaries to navigate the platform’s interface in order to register themselves to perform notarizations in the states that do allow it.

Many Notarize alternatives offer notaries easier access and better usability. 

This means you will ultimately cut down on fees and wait times while being able to ensure greater quality control over your transactions. 

1. PandaDoc Notary

PandaDoc Notary

Cost: $59/ month + $10 per transaction

Ease of use: 5/5

Functionality: 4/5

Support options: 5/5

Platform availability: 5/5

NotarizePandaDoc Notary
Platform feeStarting at $99/month$59/month
Use the notary network – transaction fee$25$25
Use the notary network – additional seal$5Free
Use the notary network – additional signer$5Free
Use your notary – transaction fee$15$10
Use your notary – additional signer$5Free
Monthly minimum commitment$$No commitment
Approval workflowsX
Contract negotiationsX
Unlimited eSign
CRM integrationsX

Key features

  • Users can join on mobile or tablet, confirm their ID, and sign the document.
  • Reduce fraud with secure ID verification that adheres to state standards. KBA questions and ID credential validation included in every transaction.
  • Trace every notarial transaction with unlimited audio-visual session recordings and cloud-based electronic journaling.
  • Upload and notarize multiple documents in the same session with multiple signers.

RON platform for independent notaries

First notarization is free. Only $15 per notarization after. No fees.

Try for free

notary hero image

Perhaps this may seem a bit biased, but we truly feel that PandaDoc Notary is the most powerful and convenient Notarize alternative on the market. Swapping Notarize with PandaDoc Notary gives you an all-in-one solution for online notarization.

PandaDoc Notary is the first and only all-in-one solution that allows you to easily create, edit, eSign, and notarize documents. PandaDoc Notary is state-approved for Remote Online Notarization (RON), and they offer affordable pricing that scales with your business, making this a great fit for organizations of any size.

PandaDoc Notary is fast, easy, and secure to use. It allows you to notarize from the convenience of wherever you’re at, which saves you and your clients time when notarizing. With an easy-to-use point-and-click document editor, you can invite signers and add notary stamps.

PandaDoc Notary stores audio-video recordings of every single notarial act and utilizes a secure ID verification, which protects you against fraud. 

Along with customer support and product help center, PandaDoc Notary offers 24/7 live chat support so you can ask questions and get answers when you need them most.

PandaDoc Notary is MISMO® certified.

– Free 14-day trial

– You can bring your own trusted notary or use a pool of on-demand notaries.

– No set-up fee.

– No extra charges per document, seal, signer, or recording time.

– Mobile eSign experience and scheduling features.
– Does not cater to individuals looking for a single notarization yet.

2. Adobe Acrobat Sign

Adobe Acrobat Sign

Cost: Starts at $16.99/month + $99/ months for Notarize

Ease of use: 4.5/5

Functionality: 4.5/5

Support options: Email, phone, ticket, chat.

Platform availability: Online, all devices.

Note: To use the notarization feature inside of Adobe, it requires a separate account with Notarize.

Adobe Acrobat Sign
Platform fee$16.99/month for Adobe + $99/month for Notarize
Transaction feeX
Additional stamp fee25$
Monthly minimum commitmentNo
Approval workflows
Contract negotiationsX
Unlimited eSignX
CRM integrations
Multiple signers

Key Features

  • Access Acrobat PDF documents and sign documents from anywhere, on mobile or desktop.
  • Scan and upload PDFs using Adobe’s Scan mobile app on your device.
  • Easy integration with Microsoft’s entire suite of apps, including Salesforce and Workday.
  • Adobe Sign is completely integrated with the Notarize platform.

Adobe Acrobat Sign allows you to easily streamline your workflow with a simple and intuitive online, cloud-based platform that is integrated with Notarize’s platform. 

With Adobe Sign, you’ll be able to capture legal e-signatures and create reliable audit trails. Once on-boarded, you will also have access to their many in-house notaries, which are available 24/7.  It is also a part of the Adobe family of apps, which means you can expect Adobe Sign to work well with most other popular business-related apps, such as Salesforce and Workday.

While Adobe Sign is undeniably one of the most trusted names on the market, its cost is one of its few drawbacks. It comes in much higher than most of the other software featured in this list, and Adobe implements transaction limits that can restrict your capabilities for sending documents in a way that suits you.

Adobe Sign also does not technically have their own Remote Online Notarization (RON) platform. Adobe is built off of the Notarize platform, so in one sense customers are paying extra to access this. 

This means that Adobe Sign also suffers from the same poor customer service reputation that Notarize has. If you want faster support options, you’ll need to pay Enterprise-level costs to get it, otherwise, you’re stuck sending an email or submitting a ticket and waiting for a reply.

While Adobe Sign simplifies your life with its easy integration capabilities, these benefits come at a cost. Using Notarize’s platform, Adobe Sign is a similar, albeit slightly more convenient option than Notarize.

– Easy integration with Adobe’s most popular apps such as Salesforce and Workday.

– 1,000+ notaries available on-demand, 24/7.
– Adobe does not have its own RON platform, all of its notary services work off of the Notarize platform.

– Very expensive, users must pay to use the Notarize platform in addition to your Adobe account.

– You are paying for two services.

– Poor customer service reputation, with long wait times.

3. DocuSign Notary

DocuSign Notary

Cost: $40/month for teams, with custom enhanced plans available.

Ease of use: 4.5/5

Functionality: 3/5

Support options: Email, phone, ticket, chat.

Platform availability: Online (all devices).

Platform feeStarting at $99/monthStarting at $40/month
Transaction fee15$X
Monthly minimum commitment$$-$$
Approval workflowsXX
Contract negotiationsX
Unlimited eSignX
CRM integrationsX
Multiple signers

Key Features

  • DocuSign Integrations includes 350+ cloud-based integrations with your favorite CRM and business productivity solutions
  • They have a nationwide partnership with the National Association of Realtors allowing realtor-specific pricing.
  • Utilizing their Notary API allows integration with the tools and systems you use every day and lets you automate repeatable workflows.

DocuSign Notary will allow you to securely send, sign, and notarize crucial documents remotely. While not yet launched, the DocuSign Notary platform is built off of the Notarize platform, so when you use DocuSign Notary, you are technically still using Notarize.

This might be an advantage for notaries who are already familiar with the workflow of Notarize. It will allow you to manage notaries within your organization with the Notary API, and combine with the eSignature REST API to assign and trigger Remote Online Notarization (RON) sessions.

They also have a nationwide partnership with the National Association of Realtors, which allows members access to realtor-specific pricing within the platform.

Unfortunately, the pricing structure (as it is now) will likely prove to be both complicated and cumbersome for many budgets. While they offer different plans to suit different needs, the rules and regulations associated with these plans can be tricky to navigate. DocuSign Notary also signs every time you need to send out a document for signatures, which is not ideal for high volume customers. 

While DocuSign has a support team available should you have questions, many customer reviews indicate that it may be a few days before you get a response.

While DocuSign does not currently have an operational platform in place, they are expected to launch its services within the next year.

– Over 350 integrations are available.

– Realtor pricing is available through their partnership with the National Association of Realtors.

– Allows for conditional logic with documents.
– Plans are expensive and geared towards enterprise-level business. They can be complicated to understand.

– Must pay per envelope sent out for signature.

– Not approved in all 50 states.

– Poor customer service reputation.

4. DocVerify


Cost: Starts at $24 per license, per month, and with custom or per-transaction pricing available.

Ease of use: 3/5

Functionality: 4/5

Support options: 2.5/5

Platform availability: Online, no mobile option available 

Platform feeStarting at $99/month$125 set-up fee with monthly subscriptions starting at $24/month. There is also a $100 fee per 509 Digital certificate fee
Transaction fee15$Users receive monthly “credits” which are applied towards transactions.
Optional with custom pricing ($20-35 per transaction)
Additional stamp feeNoNo
ID verification$$
Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)$
Approval workflowsXX
Contract negotiationsXX
Unlimited eSignX
CRM integrationsX
Multiple signers

Key Features

  • The DocVerify VeriVault securely verifies and stores documents
  • State Legal E-Notarizations
  • Electronic Journals
  • Tamper evident documents stored with DocVerify VeriVault
  • Tamper-Proof Electronic Stamps and Seals

DocVerify makes notarization simple with their easy-to-use platform which has been around since 2007.

DocVerify keeps your documents safe and secure throughout the entire notarization process with their proprietary VeriVault Verification Platform. VeriVault automatically verifies the content, creation date, and creator of the document which helps to reduce the risk of forgery and fraud. 

Once a document is processed, it is then time-stamped and stored on the tamper-proof VeriVault storage platform. Documents that are signed and stored with VeriVault are legally compliant with the E-Sign Act, SOX, UCC Article 9, PCI, UETA, and ESSA, and are fully enforceable in a court of law.

While DocVerify is most notable for making a technical process accessible and easy, it does have several drawbacks. Their pricing system, for one, can be somewhat convoluted and confusing. 

To take advantage of (typically) standard features within DocVerify, such as ID Verification, Remote Notary, and KBA Authentication users will have to pay additional fees, via credits, as they go. This can create an unwanted headache for many accounting departments.

Additionally, DocVerify currently operates on a somewhat dated platform, and older grandfathered accounts may be barred from using certain features. Though their platform was recently purchased by Black Knight, which specializes in software and analytics for mortgage and home equity lending firms, it may be a while before the platform sees any significant updates. 

Unfortunately, any support requests must go through the DocVerify online support system — they do not offer phone support.

– Documents are secured with their VeriVault storage platform.

– Allows custom branding.

– Allows batch sending of documents to multiple recipients.
– Expensive with a complicated pricing structure.

– Many services include additional fees, such as ID verification, Remote Notary, KBA authentication, and more.

– Phone support is not offered.

– Platform is dated and lacks the smoothness and functionality of newer platforms.

5. eNotaryLog


Cost: $25 per Notarization plus $10 per additional stamp or signer

Ease of use: 5/5

Functionality: 3/5

Support options: 3.5/5

Platform availability: Online (all devices).

Setup fee$$$$$
Additional notary stamp fee$10 per stamp$10 per stamp
Additional signer fee$$10 per signer
Approval workflowsXX
Contract negotiationsXX
Unlimited eSign
CRM integrationsX
Multiple signers

Key Features

  • Access to their enterprise optimized dashboard.
  • End-to-end RON process solutions with multiple signing options, document types, templating, editing, tagging, and journaling.
  • Allows up to 12 signers per notarization act. 
  • SOC 2 compliant.
  • Independently audited and compliant with some state RON laws.

eNotaryLog offers an online notarization platform that is neatly compatible with enterprise-level businesses. 

eNotaryLog allows you to choose between using their website to complete notarizations or utilizing their included suite of APIs to implement their technology on your own site. Their platform offers a simple, user-friendly dashboard that supports processing a high volume of notarial acts. 

The eNotaryLog platform is SOC 2 certified and keeps your documents safe with tamper-evident audit trails.

eNotaryLog allows you to use their pool of notaries, who are available 7 days a week from 8 am to 12 am EST. Unfortunately, they do not allow you to bring your own notary for any transactions which can limit some businesses.

While you can have up to 12 signers per notarization, you can only notarize one document per session. 

eNotaryLog is great when you need a document notarized quickly, however, the platform is limited when it comes to resources and usability if you have a trusted notary that you prefer to use.  

eNotaryLog is MISMO® certified.

– Easy to use.

– Allows for independent notaries as well as multiple signers.

– Software customization available on enterprise-level plans.
– No free trial.

– Has an account setup fee.

– Only allows you to notarize one document per session.

– Charges for additional signers.

– Does now allow you to use your own Notary.

6. Nexsys


Cost: Varies according to closing company

Ease of use: 3/5

Functionality: 4/5

Support options: 1/5

Platform availability: Online / App (all devices).

Platform feeStarting at $99/monthVaries according to closing company
Customer support24/7X
IT supportX
Available in all statesXX
Approval workflowsXX
Contract negotiationsXX
Unlimited eSignX
CRM integrationsXX
Multiple signersX

Key Features

  • Nexsys Clear Sign specializes in lending and real estate closing.
  • Clear Sign works with lender and title companies’ existing notary partners.
  • Secure and produces a detailed post-closing audit trail.
  • Reduces mortgage disbursement delays.
  • Clear Sign is approved by major underwriters and government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs).

Nexsys Technologies (formerly a FinTech company, recently acquired by Amrock, LLC) has made its name by creating technology intended to streamline the real estate lending process. 

Among the services they offer is Nexsys Clear Sign, which is a secure online eClosing platform that digitally connects consumers with notary signing agents. Nexsys Clear Sign was created specifically to serve the real estate industry by simplifying lengthy closing processes.

Clear Sign is approved for use by major underwriters and government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), including:

  • Farmers Insurance
  • Fidelity National Title
  • First American Title
  • Stewart Title Co.
  • Old Republic Title
  • Amrock Title Insurance Company
  • IdenTrust

Currently, Nexsys offers Remote Online Notarization (RON) services in 24 states, while only offering in-person or hybrid signings in the other 26. 

Because Nexsys Clear Sign is built to cater to real estate and lending closings, you cannot use the platform for other types of notarial acts. On top of this, there is no set pricing structure, and the cost to use the platform varies depending on the closing company. 

Finally, Nexsys Clear Sign probably struggles to provide good customer service more than anyone else on this list. This is because there is no way to access customer or tech support via their website, which will be problematic if you run into any issues. 

Nexsys is MISMO® certified.

– A+ BBB rating.

– Approved for use by major underwriters and government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs).
– No pricing available, varies by the title company.

– Not available in all 50 states.

– No customer support.

– Limited notarization functionality compared to other options on this list.

7. NotaryCam


Cost: Starting at $25 per notarization within the U.S. and $79/ notarization outside of the U.S. 

Ease of use: 4/5

Functionality: 3/5

Support options: 3/5

Platform availability: Online, iOS app

Platform feeStarting at $99/monthX
Transaction fee15$$25 (within U.S.) /  $79  (outside of U.S.)
Additional stamp feeNoX
Monthly minimum commitment$X
Approval workflowsX
Contract negotiationsX
Unlimited eSignXX
CRM integrationsX
Multiple signers

Key Features

  • The personal enterprise dashboard allows you to see your customer’s notarizations and progress in real-time.
  • NotaryCam API partners can offer their clients the same NotaryCam on-demand notarization benefits while maintaining control of their client’s user experience.
  • Volume discounts apply when notarizing 10+ documents per month.
  • NotaryCam is partnered with many high-profile real estate, insurance, and lending companies to provide a streamlined closing process. 

Like Nexsys, NotaryCam is built to cater to the real estate closing and lending process. If these are the kind of notarial services you need, then NotaryCam is a great option. 

It was the first platform to offer RON services, first coming into use when Virginia made RON law permanent in 2012.  

NotaryCam customers can take advantage of NotaryCam’s pool of notaries. While their pool of notaries is smaller than other options on this list, they are available 24/7/365. Unfortunately, this gives you very limited control over the customer experience. 

NotaryCam also does not allow you to bring and use your own notary. This will limit its utility for SMBs and enterprises who prefer to work with their in-house notaries. 

NotaryCam is approved for use by many major underwriters and government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), including:

  • DHL
  • Geico
  • Da Vinci
  • DOW Jones
  • Harvard
  • Virginia.Gov
  •  American Express
  • Chrysler
  • Blend
  • Cross Country
  • Docutech
  • Farmers Insurance
  • First American
  • Fairway
  • Regus
  • GM
  • Pulte Homes
  • Doc Magic
  •  Loan Depot
  • Stewart Title

One drawback to using Notarycam is their complicated pricing structure. In addition to offering different rates depending on whether you are within the U.S. or not, their pricing structure is not upfront or easy to reference. Cost will vary depending on the SMB or enterprise.  

NotaryCam is great when you need 24/7 access to real estate and lending document notarization. However, if you need to reliably plan your budget without unexpected charges or simply wish to work with a notary of your choosing, NotaryCam will be of limited use to you. 

NotaryCam is MISMO® certified.

– Allows multiple signers from multiple locations.

– Available 24/7/365.

– Offers discounts for bundling documents (10+).
– Pricing is not clear or immediately available.

– Has a small notary pool and does not allow you to use your own Notary.

– Offers limited control over the customer experience.

– Customers have complained about scheduling issues.

8. NotaryLive


Cost: Starting at $59 /month, plus $23 / session

Ease of use: 4/5

Functionality: 2/5

Support options: 3/5

Platform availability: Online

Monthly subscriptionStarting at $99/month$69/month
Price per notarization$25$22
Volume commitment20 minimum/ monthNo commitment
Discounts for notarization volume
Mobile appX
Approved in all statesXX
All-in-one solution to create, edit, manage, eSign, and notarizeXX
Bring your own notaryLimited to 23 states
Unlimited usersX
MISMO® certified
Document taggingBeta
Reusable TemplatesBeta
Contract negotiationsXX
CRM integrationsXX

Key Features

  • 24/7 access to notaries, with notarization in 10 minutes or less, on average.
  • Eliminates time searching for a “Notary near me” or spending extra scheduling appointments with remote online notaries.
  • Embedded security features and detailed electronic records protect the validity of your signature while ensuring you have easy access to your documents whenever you need them.

NotaryLive is most notable for the speed with which you can get notarization done — as long as you prepare your documents for notarization beforehand, that is. Their platform allows you to quickly add signatures to documents within minutes.

One drawback to using NotaryLive is that, unless your document is prepared and ready to sign, its features are rather limited. There is no option to create, edit, or customize your documents with your own branding. This can leave customers high and dry when they need to review or edit their documents before adding signatures. 

In addition to this, NotaryLive has only onboarded its RON services in a handful of states as of now.

NotaryLive is notably approved for use by many major underwriters and government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), including:

  • National Notary Association
  • IdenTrust
  • ProcureNow
  • Centra
  • Exela Technologies
  • Snap Mailbox
  • Switch
  • Law Depot
  • IDology

NotaryLive excels in providing fast and easy access to a notary 24/7 while helping you capture signatures within minutes. However, if you are looking for a RON provider that offers fully customizable and convenient end-to-end capabilities, NotaryLive may not be the solution you are after. 

NotaryLive is MISMO® certified.

– 24/7 live notary access.

– Offers individual plans in addition to plans for SMBs.
– Limited functionality with no end-to-end capabilities.

– No mobile app.

– Not yet available in all 50 states.

9. OneNotary


Cost: $25 /month, plus $25 per session and $6 per additional certificate

Ease of use: 3/5

Functionality: 2/5

Support options:  3/5

Platform availability: Online

Bring your own notaryLimited to 23 statesX
Multiple signers in multiple locationsX
Discounts for notarization volumeNo
Available in all statesX
Electronic seals$$
Mobile appX
All-in-one solution to create, edit, manage, eSign, and notarizeX
MISMO® certifiedX
Contract negotiationsXX
CRM integrationsXX

Key Features

  • Internal pool of online witnesses available.
  • You pay only for successfully completed notarizations.
  • Two-step KBA identification keeps your documents safe from fraud.
  • Multi-lingual services are available. 

With OneNotary, you and your clients can notarize your documents within minutes. They offer easy and convenient services if you are in need of a simple notarization. 

Their platform stands out for being easy to use, even for those who are not completely familiar with the online notarization process yet. In addition to this, they are the only platform on our list to offer multilingual notary services. 

While OneNotary is quick and offers a 100% money-back guarantee, there are some drawbacks to using the platform. They do not allow you to bring your own notary for a signing which limits companies who already have a notary who they prefer to use. You must use a notary from their pool. 

In addition to this, OneNotary charges extra to have multiple signers join a session. On top of this, they do not allow you to have multiple signers joining a session from different locations. If you are going to need additional signatures, the signers must be present in the same room as you. 

Unfortunately, OneNotary has a somewhat convoluted pricing structure and the enterprise fees are not immediately made clear. If you are looking for a clean and easy-to-budget RON provider, OneNotary may not be for you.

Finally, the most glaring issue with OneNotary is its lack of document storage functionality. When you notarize a document on their platform, it is only available to access for 7 days before it is gone. This lack of storage will be a huge drawback for many SMBs and enterprises.

All in all, OneNotary is not a bad option if you are after a quick and somewhat basic notarization service. The platform is still very new, which means over time some of these issues with functionality and storage may be fixed. 

For now, the platform may prove to be limited for some users’ needs.

– Notarize a document within 15 minutes.

– 100% money back guarantee.

– Offers multilingual services.
– Does not allow you to use your own notary.

– Complicated pricing structure.

– Does not allow multiple signers.

– Notarized documents are only available for 7 days after signing.

– Provides minimal scheduling control.

10. OnlineNotary.Us


Cost: $25 per single document, plus $10 per additional document or seal.

Ease of use: 4/5

Functionality: 2/5

Support options: 3/5

Platform availability: Online only (desktop / mobile)

Platform feeStarting at $99/monthX
Transaction fee15$$25 (International Notarization for non-US $35)
Additional seal feeNo$10 /seal (non-US $12 /seal)
Monthly minimum commitment$X
Document storageX
Contract negotiationsXX
Unlimited eSignX
CRM integrationsXX
Multiple signers$

Key Features

  •  OnlineNotary.US is partnered with IdenTrust to keep your documents secure and tamper-proof.
  • International notarization services are available. 

OnlineNotary.US is a RON service provider that allows users to perform online notary services across the United States. Their customers love the service for being relatively inexpensive and easy to make appointments with. 

Off the bat, the platform does not offer end-to-end capabilities for document signing. Those who are looking for a RON service platform that allows them to create, edit, and sign all in one place should consider other options. 

OnlineNotary.US partners with IdenTrust, a major certificate authority that issues digital certificates to financial institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies, and enterprises.

This means that the platform operates off a reliable and secure, tamper-evident infrastructure. 

If OnlineNotary.US offers document storage, that information is not made available on their site, which can be problematic for some. 

In general, OnlineNotary.US is a cheap and easy solution if you need simple notarization services, and have time to wait for an available appointment. Those who need a RON platform that offers greater flexibility and functionality may consider other options.

– Partnered with IdenTrust to keep your documents secure.

– International notarization services offered.
– Limited functionality, no end-to-end capabilities for notarization.

– Does not appear to offer document storage solutions.

– No on-demand notary available, must be scheduled in advance.

– No free trial.

11. Pavaso


Cost: Not listed on the website.

Ease of use: 3/5

Functionality: 3/5

Support options: 5/5

Platform availability: Online, mobile app

All-in-one solution to create, edit, manage, eSign, and notarizeX
Bring your own notaryLimited to 23 statesX
PricingListedNot listed
Real Estate solution
Available in all statesXX
MISMO® certified
Mobile appX
Contract negotiationsXX
CRM integrationsXX

Key Features

  • Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) protects the integrity of the notarization and the  identity of signers. 
  • Full control when conducting the signing session, with an option to have a state-certified notary join the session as a separate participant to complete the notarization.
  • All permissible parties involved with the transaction have online access to an e-vault where a video recording of the complete closing and notarization session is stored, in accordance with applicable state laws.
  • Named Top 25 Fintech Innovator by MReport

The Pavaso platform, like NotaryCam and Nexsys, is built to simplify and expedite the real estate closing and lending process. If these are the kind of notarial services you need, then Pavaso is worth considering.

Pavaso’s RON technology empowers you to complete the full closing, both digitally and remotely. Using the Pavaso platform allows you to receive all contracts and document packages digitally to review before signing and closing online. 

Pavaso is approved for use by major titling and signing agencies, including

  • Ellie Mae
  • Wylie and Washburn
  • Hightide Settlement Services LLC
  • Ivy & Eggleston
  • Norcom Mortgage
  • Evolve Mortgage
  • BC Law
  • Vantage Point Title

One major drawback to using the Pavaso RON platform is that there is no option to bring your own notary, which won’t work for some. Pavaso provides its own pool of notaries for you to use. 

The main issue with Pavaso is the lack of clarity on its pricing structure. There is currently no pricing listed on the site, and as such, there is no way to know how much their services cost without engaging in the sign-up process. 

While Pavaso is a great RON tool for closing real estate transactions, SMBs and individuals may find that their service structure outsizes their needs and budget.

– Allows you to complete a full real estate closing.– Only offers pool-based notaries, it does not allow you to use your own Notary.

– No pricing is immediately available on their site.

– Focused on real estate transactions.

– The reference information on their site is outdated.

12. SIGNiX


Cost: $299 Annually per user, plus $300 Team account annual fee

Ease of use: 3/5

Functionality: 2/5

Support options: 4/5

Platform availability: Online only

CommitmentMonthlyMinimum 1 or 3-year commitment
All-in-one solution to create, edit, manage, eSign, and notarizeX
Audio-video sessionRelies on Zoom
Notary seals$10 per stamp$5
Notarial transaction$25$10
Volume discountsX
Available in all statesXX
Brand customizationX$
Mobile appX

Key Features

  • SIGNiX’s cloud-based platform eliminates the need for Notaries to maintain special hardware.
  • More than 40% of the top 50 independent broker-dealers in the United States use the SIGNiX Digital Signature Platform to e-sign sensitive financial documents.
  • Remote online notarizations can be done from the comfort for your home or office. 
  • SIGNiX encrypts your signatures in addition to your documents for added security.

SIGNiX bills itself as one of the most trusted names in digital signatures and many of its customers have been satisfied with the RON services they provide. In fact, More than 40% of the top 50 independent broker-dealers in the United States use the cloud-based SIGNiX Platform to e-sign sensitive financial documents.

SIGNiX has made its reputation catering to partners that serve highly regulated industries like real estate, wealth management, financial institutions, healthcare, and government. Their platform works for SMBs that need to ensure their documents are signed and processed accurately.

SIGNiX’s overall structure seems to be more optimized for industrial partnerships, its cloud-based platform allows for notaries to conveniently complete signatures and securely store documents without the need for any additional hardware. 

One major drawback to choosing SIGNiX is that they require a minimum commitment of one to three years. This is a heavy-duty and costly commitment that many SMBs may not be prepared to accommodate.

While SIGNiX has billed itself as one of the most trusted names in digital signatures — and this is due in part to their long history of providing e-signature & RON services — the drawback is that their platform is somewhat dated, and some users have complained that this can make it messy to navigate.

SIGNiX does not have audio-visual capabilities, which means that the signers and notary must meet via Zoom to complete a signature. This can pose logistical issues for users if they are not able to figure out how to use the screen share feature to complete a signature.

SIGNiX is an industry-trusted RON and e-signature provider. Its platform offers a patchwork solution for completing notarial acts via Zoom.

– Cloud-based platform.

– One of the most well know RON platforms on the market.
– Expensive and requires a 3 year commitment.

– Platform relies on Zoom for audio-visual connection.

– Outdated with limited functionality.

– Geared towards industrial partnerships.

Finding the Notarize alternative that works for you

In our opinion, PandaDoc Notary is simply the easiest, most upfront, and low-risk solution on this list. We’re the first ones to admit that it’s hard to be objective in these cases, but PandaDoc Notary is the only solution that is likely to address all of your online notarization needs while offering clear and up-front competitive pricing.

Book a free demo and find out what separates PandaDoc Notary from the competition!

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