PandaDoc Notary Remote Online Notarization (RON) software is proud to announce that it is now a Certified eMortgage Provider by MISMO® – the standards development body for the mortgage industry.

The RON software that meets industry and state laws, PandaDoc Notary achieved the MISMO certification, the first industry compliance standard for Remote Online Notarization solution providers, by following MISMO’s strict regulatory standards and best practices guidelines.

What is MISMO, and what does it mean to be MISMO certified?

Becoming a MISMO certified RON software makes it possible for our customers to prepare all their closing documents and perform notarizations 100% online and in full compliance with their industry without ever leaving the PandaDoc Notary platform.

MISMO created Remote Online Notarization (RON) standards to govern information exchange in the mortgage industry, regulating the use of audio-visual software to notarize documents online. 

Today, MISMO standards are accepted and deployed by every type of entity involved in creating mortgages, and they are required by most regulators, housing agencies, and the GSEs that participate in the industry.

The use of MISMO’s standards has been found to lower per loan costs, improve margins, reduce errors, and speed up the loan process by reducing manual, paper-based processes while creating cost savings for the consumer.

The advantages of MISMO go hand-in-hand with the capabilities of PandaDoc Notary, a software that is built for your business to simplify and automate online notarizations.

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