As more states continue to embrace the security and convenience of Remote Online Notarization (RON), PandaDoc launches Notary, an all-in-one platform where businesses with an in-house notary can create, edit, eSign, and notarize documents online in minutes.

Unlike traditional/pen and paper notarization, which offers limited availability and requires signers to be physically present in the same location, PandaDoc Notary offers availability, convenience, ease of use, all within a legally-binding platform.

It’s never been easier to run a fast, secure, and 100% state-compliant online notarization.

PandaDoc Notary is easy to use and easier to trust

PandaDoc Notary makes notarization as easy as eSign. Right now, businesses use online notarization only if they can’t meet in person (the signer is in the hospital, out of state, etc.) With PandaDoc Notary, businesses can move the notarization process online to:

1. Save time and money on in-person notarizations.

2. Manage their document notarization workflow end-to-end inside of just one application.

PandaDoc Notary utilizes tamper-proof security and encryption to carry out notarial transactions and store documents, giving you peace of mind knowing that your data is protected against any kind of breach.

In addition, PandaDoc Notary guarantees various levels of identity verification and detailed record-keeping of all your notarial acts as required by your state, mitigating risks, and reducing fraud. The result is 100% valid and legally binding signing every time.

PandaDoc Notary features

PandaDoc Notary stands on the shoulders of all the powerful features of PandaDoc. With other providers, document eSign, creation, and notarization are scattered across multiple platforms. With PandaDoc Notary, users can create, manage, eSign, and notarize all in one platform. And also get to take advantage of powerful CRM integrations like Salesforce.

Here are some of the PandaDoc Notary features for your most important transactions:

  • Secure ID Verification: Eliminate risks with KBA questions and ID credential validation in every notarial transaction.
  • Electronic Journaling: Record, view, store, and download your notarial acts within minutes of the completed session.
  • Multiple Signers: Invite 3+ signers to one document at the same time with the click of a button.
  • Document Bundling: Upload and notarize document bundles in the same session with multiple signers.
  • Reusable templates: Save time drafting documents from scratch. Create, edit, and store templates for notarization.
  • Unlimited e-sign: Leverage the power of PandaDoc to create, manage, and send documents for eSignature.
  • X509 PKI certificate: Ensure documents are state compliant and tamper-proof with X509 signing certificate.

Bring your own notary: Bring your own notary staff to complete remote online notarizations and closings. Available for companies with in-house notaries that meet requirements for the states where PandaDoc Notary is available.

Learn more about PandaDoc Notary

PandaDoc Notary empowers businesses with an in-house notary to thrive by simplifying the online notarization workflow. Try it for yourself. Request a demo here.

Note: Notary is available for PandaDoc users as an add-on to Business and Enterprise plans. Users need to have an active PandaDoc subscription to perform notarizations with PandaDoc Notary.