Why PandaDoc Notary?

Made for you and your signers

No commitment

With PandaDoc Notary you just pay for your transactions. No subscription fee, extra charges per signer or seal, or any other hidden costs.


PandaDoc Notary is RON-approved in 44 states and MISMO® certified. Check the map below for availability in your state.


Fast and easy

Save hours on in-person notarization for you and your clients with a user-friendly platform that requires no training.

Pricing that fits you

$15 per transaction

Volume discounts apply

No subscription fee

Pay only per completed transaction

No extra charges per signer or seal

PandaDoc Notary is state-approved for RON

Click on the map for RON law status and product availability in your state.

Every feature you need and more

Let AI detect and place signature fields for you

Forget about the hassle of manually creating fields on your PDFs. Just upload files and click “Place fields.” Let AI do all the repetitive work for you.

mobile esign experience x

Mobile signing on any device

Invite your signers to join on mobile or tablet, confirm their ID, and sign the document.

scheduling x

Schedule your notary sessions ahead of time

List all the upcoming appointments to keep track of your schedule. Work more efficiently by booking based on the signer’s timezone.

Notary testimonials

Additional features

Do it all in one session

Upload and notarize up to 10 documents in the same session without worrying about extra charges per document.

Edit your documents while in a session

Add text or fields, and make all the corrections you need without leaving the session to prepare them all over again.

Enjoy electronic journaling with 5 hours of recording time

Trace every transaction with 5 hours of audio-visual recordings and cloud-based storage at no extra charge.

Invite multiple signers from anywhere they are

Invite multiple signers to one document at the same time with the click of a button. Signers can join from any location.

Eliminate risks with secure ID verification

Adhere to state standards with ID credential validation in every transaction. Biometric verification available in Florida, Louisiana, Montana, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Auto-generated stamps

PandaDoc Notary can auto-generate digital notary stamps for more than 20 states.

Online notarization FAQs

What is considered a notarial transaction?

A notarial transaction happens every time a signer and a notary meet together using audio-video technology to notarize a set of legally binding documents. A notarial transaction can include multiple documents, signatures, and stamps.

Can I purchase more notarial transactions?

You can purchase as many notarial transactions as you need. Volume discounts may apply.

What is the payment and cancelation policy?

Learn more about payment and cancellation here.

If I notarize a document in my state using PandaDoc Notary, will it be recognized by other states?

Yes, any document that has been notarized online within full compliance of RON law will be seen as legally valid in all 50 states.

Does PandaDoc Notary allow notarizations for clients outside of the United States?

Yes, in many cases, based on the relevant state laws, PandaDoc Notary can provide notarizations for U.S. citizens located abroad.

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