A RON platform that’s accessible to everyone

PandaDoc Notary Self-service for independent notaries

The notarization process is an essential aspect of conducting legal transactions. Remote Online Notarization (RON) has become increasingly popular, helping individuals and businesses to sign important documents digitally using a RON platform.

However, signing up for a RON platform can be expensive and time-consuming for solopreneurs who want to go digital with their signing business. That’s where PandaDoc Notary Self-service comes in, simplifying the process and making it more accessible for independent notaries.

At its core, PandaDoc Notary Self-service is all about convenience. It eliminates the need for sales-assisted processes, allowing notaries to sign up for the service directly and try it out for free. Independent notaries can easily sign up for the service via the standard PandaDoc sign-up form.

No friction. No fees.

One of the most significant benefits of PandaDoc Notary Self-service is that it reduces friction. Independent notaries can experience the benefits of the service without ever committing to a subscription. 

RON platform for independent notaries

First notarization is free. Only $15 per notarization after. No fees.

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One of the biggest adoption blockers we hear from our customers is that RON is challenging to get started. With PandaDoc Notary Self-service, we’re removing the barriers, allowing all notaries across the United States to get started with RON for free.

PandaDoc Notary Self-service offers transactional pricing, meaning notaries only pay for completed notarial transactions. No fixed fees. This flexibility ensures they are not tied down to a subscription commitment and are free to take their business digital quickly.

PandaDoc Notary Self-service also offers a frictionless sign-up process, thanks to features such as an auto-generated notary stamp and ID verification via a selfie. Once notaries sign up, they can complete two transactions free of charge before submitting their credit card details.

In conclusion, PandaDoc Notary Self-service is a significant step forward for the notary signing process. It offers a streamlined, convenient service that eliminates the need to engage sales representatives and billing departments. PandaDoc Notary self-service is a flexible solution that makes the online notarization process more efficient and accessible for everyone.

Guy Pearson has been a commissioned notary for more than eight years. He also runs one of the most established Facebook groups for Remote Online Notarization (RON), with more than 7000 members nationwide. Guy is the co-founder and product leader of PandaDoc Notary. His team drives product initiatives in key verticals, such as Legal, Financial, and Real Estate.